Top 10 Secret Libraries of New York

New York has more than 200 libraries, and the majority of New Yorkers are familiar with most of these libraries. But do you know that there are some secret libraries in New York City as well that many people might not be aware of? From non-profit societies and private clubs to universities … Read more

Top Museums to Visit in New York City

Top Museums to Visit in New York City

New York City is home to a mind-boggling number of museums. From history and art to science and military, it has something for everyone. With so many options, narrowing down your choices can become difficult. We have arranged a list of some of the top museums located in New York City-based on … Read more

Guide to Visiting the Statue of Liberty

Standing in all her glory in the middle of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty is amongst the top tourist destinations of New York City. The 93 meters high Statue of Liberty (Lady Liberty) was a gift from France given to the US in 1886 to commemorate the friendship between the … Read more

Complete Guide to Visiting the Great White Way

Billboards in New York City

Those who are familiar with New York City and its major attractions would probably have heard of Broadway as well. What everyone may not know is that Broadway is also known as ‘the great white way’. This might seem like the street has a traditional tale behind it, but it’s actually because … Read more

History of the World Trade Center

The World Trade Center complex in March 2001

After the horrific events of September 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were no more. The world watched in shock as the towers collapsed in plumes of dark smoke and the Manhattan skyline was changed forever. Before this event, the Twin Towers were icons of New York City and … Read more

Where to buy Doric Columns

doric drawing

Pagliacco Turning and Milling is an excellent source for Doric columns made from wood, fiberglas and other materials. Plaster capitals are also available from Pagliacco. Column shafts may be smooth or fluted. Columns may be ordered in a variety of split configurations so they can wrap around existing posts or fit up … Read more

Doric Columns in Famous Buildings and Structures

Parthenon from west

There are many examples of of Doric columns in ancient and more contemporary structures. The Parthenon Built in the 5th century BCE, the Parthenon is the most famous surviving building in the Doric Order. Built to honor the Greek goddess Athena the Parthenon is considered to be an ideal example of Greek … Read more

Doric Columns & the Doric Order of Classical Architecture

doric perspective

Do you like to read about Doric Columns in pdf? Try out free PDF Compressor to read books about architecture in small size. Doric Columns have a firm place in history and in the tradition of classical architecture. The ancient styles of construction developed in Greece and Rome were revived and codified by Renaissance … Read more