PDFBear Converter: 5 Uses That Make It An Online Class Essential

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a major switch on the lifestyle of many people particularly on the system of education from all over the world. Due to the compliance with the safety protocols, classroom teaching was needed to be postponed and made a switch to online learning.

This has made the Internet and its technologies more useful than ever for it has done much for making the knowledge and information accessible for the students. Adaptation to e-learning for both online educators and students is made easier by the help of different learning tools that can be used for spreading the knowledge to anyone, anywhere, and in any time-zone.

One useful tool that can be used by online educators and students is the DOCX to PDF Converter. This comes in various forms: installable software, completely web-based, or mobile application.

Here are five ways online learners and teachers can take advantage of using PDF converters in online education.

1.  Submitting essays and reports

When submitting online reports, your word document should be converted first into a PDF document. This is to prevent other people from altering the content in your essay especially when uploaded on the internet.

You can also make an option if you wanted your file to be secured or password-protected with advanced encryption. With the usage of PDF, you can decide who can access the data.

2.  Sharing your document without losing the original formatting

When uploading or sharing your word document, there might be a chance for the other user to open your document and not maintain the original formatting. This is due to the different systems of the software they are using in operating a word document.

If you create a document using one font that is installed on your computer and then views it on another software, where the font is not present, things will look different. Thus, converting it into a PDF file will resolve the problem.

3.  Make a PDF document editable

When you are given a form to be filled- up or an essay or quiz to be answered it might be complicated for you to edit your work in a PDF format. It won’t be a problem anymore! PDF do take converters to take editing to the next level.

A high- quality PDF-to-Doc converter can come in very handy if you want to edit or rework a document. This will also prevent the risk of changing the format of the document given to you. After filling it up you can convert it again into a PDF file then submit it!

4.  Convert your PowerPoint presentations into an accessible module

Online educators use Powerpoint as one of their tools to present their lessons to the students. It helps them show their creativity by using pictures and visuals that make the lesson more engaging for the students.

Hence it should be accessible for every student even without the need to install Powerpoint on their device. The PPT slides can be converted into a PDF document and make it sharer- friendly.

5.  Creating a personal e-filing system

The internet has provided an electronic alternative to printed materials. This has reduced paper consumption in most of the sectors all over the world. The newspapers, textbooks, and other printed materials can now be converted into PDF files.

This is also an advantage for an electronic device-user for keeping files and documents organized in data storage and will help sort out things easier. You can also scan your printed documents and convert them into a PDF file. This will ease your worry of losing your important documents and be able to choose who has access to your file.

Benefits of PDF- converter tool in E-learning:

PDF to Word converter works with any device that you use on opening your document. It is compatible both in desktop and mobile device usage and with any browser.

This converter can operate on a completely web-based without the need to download software or applications. It is an online-friendly tool for anyone can be able to operate because, with just two clicks, your file can be converted for free!

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the software developers who have made a tool that could enable us to do all of the tasks that are mentioned above. This will make education be of easier access for everyone since the learning materials can now be converted into PDF files. This is one of the advantages of technology, knowledge can now be transferred easily within just a click.

Once you have tried using it, share it with your colleagues, teachers, students, and office workers alike. Everyone can use it to their advantage. It is a useful tool for our transition into a digital age. May this article help you with your school tasks!