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What could be more ideal than your home surrounded by a beautiful garden? It would be great if you could make use of the front and back yards to create a relaxing green outdoor space. That can be the dream of many homeowners. But how to turn ideas into reality is always a concern. Or bringing personal touches into the design done by a hired designer is definitely time-consuming and costly. Starting to design a courtyard of your own is not impossible with the help of a perfect garden design tool. Garden lovers who have successfully designed beautiful outdoors by themselves suggest an optimal garden planning application Planner5D. The following article will help you discover the outstanding features and learn the steps to create an easy landscape plan on this platform.

What is Planner5D?

Planner5D is a comprehensive online design planning tool for your home. Used for a backyard project, this is also the go-to application to build your dream garden. Planner5D allows you to create design plans from patios, walkways, trees, and the entire surrounding landscape. The details are selected, and arranged by hover, drag-and-drop. You can experiment with different combinations of structures, miniatures, and decorations and visualize how your finished garden will look using the virtual reality view modes.

Who can use the Planner5D Garden Designing tool?

Very few design applications ignore the choice of users like Planner5D. Anyone can use Planner5D’s Garden Designing toolkit to plan the construction or renovation of their favorite outdoor space.

Beginners – who are inexperienced in architecture and construction can create a detailed garden design plan in just a few minutes without any hiccups. The developed drag-and-drop technology simplifies all operations and requires users no special skills. All you need is a little passion for the garden and a sense of what it should be. If you’re completely out of ideas, Planner5D’s toolset and library of inspiring templates and landscaping details will give you great suggestions.

Professional architects need to look no further than Planner5D. This all-in-one toolkit will turn your design ideas into a visual presentation that will wow customers and close deals with a finger click. Planner5D provides advanced features that enable experienced designers to create complex garden plans against any urgent deadlines.

In addition to the joy of creativity, users can join design learning courses on the platform.

An impressive portfolio online and opportunities to connect with potential clients and experts in your field are also possible.

Plan your garden step by step

The possibilities for creating a perfect garden with Planner5D are limitless. Designing a shimmering landscape around your home has never been easier and faster. You can embark on this exciting planning process following the steps described below.

Create a Planner5D account

You should create an account on the Planner5D platform to access its useful features in a specific garden design task.

While many programs require a lengthy and tricky registration process, potential Planner5D users only need an email address and a password. Upon successful registration, you will own a personal page. If you use Planner5D for career purposes, upload projects you’ve completed and wanted to showcase. If you’re simply playing around, experimenting with all possibilities for your yard, you’re ready to go.

Sketch your garden layout

No need for CAD or paint techniques, you can design your garden layout with Planner5D’s easy-to-use tools and automated wizards. On the Gridline background, you can shape the garden to match the actual geographical plan of your home. Alternatively, you can choose an existing template and play around with it. Partitioning, resizing, and formatting the background are done simply by dragging the corners and clicking with the mouse.

Customize the landscape

Imagine what you want to do with this outdoor activity space. A patio with a relaxing tea table or an outdoor swimming pool? Lush green lawns with cobblestone pathways? Colorful flower bushes, cool vines, or shading trees? A country-style garden with a wooden fence or an oasis of serenity? All within reach.

Planner5D’s vast collection of nearly 8000 pieces of interior, exterior, plants, and miniatures allows you to enjoy picking, like in a game. As soon as you see the item you’re looking for, drag it out and place it where you like or move it around the landscape layout. Add a little personal touch with various finishes, including textures, patterns, colors, materials, and more.

Bring your design to life

Before purchasing materials and preparing the yard for implementation, you definitely want to see what the landscape design will look like in practice. The HD visual 3D viewer gives you a realistic and close-up visualization of the plan. You can switch back to 2D format for further adjustment in case you are not happy with the arrangement, with one click. This is also the factor that users consider to be more convenient than other online design platforms. The number of edits is unlimited so rest assured that everything is ready when you are satisfied.

Frequent asked questions

It is natural that many questions will arise when designing the landscape because it is an indispensable outdoor living space that contributes to the house’s aesthetic. For those who do not have much experience with online design applications, a thorough understanding of the information ensures the desired experience. You can refer to the frequently asked questions below:

Is Planner5D free?

Planner5D offers a free version for personal use. Professionals who require more advanced tools can purchase an in-app subscription plan, monthly or annually. Consider your purpose to choose what suits you best. A small amount for Pro packages of Planner5D is totally worth the value of your complex work.

What device can I use for the Planner5D app?

Planner5D is built for web-based and app-based use. Thus, all devices of all operating systems are compatible.

Can I use Planner5D offline?

Although Planner5D is online software, you can use it offline. Make sure you save your project before going off the Internet.


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