Planning Summer Holidays: Top Most Entertaining Cities in the U.S.


When it comes to amusing, entertaining, and engaging locations, the U.S never seems to dissatisfy. It is jam-packed of astounding cultures, thought-provoking architecture, delicious cuisines, exhilarating lifestyle, and interesting stories spread throughout the many cities it has, each with a sub-culture of its own making. Though there is no way possible to see everything, we’ve assorted a list of some of the most entertaining and enthralling cities in the U.S. picked from US entertainment news.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas translates to ‘The Meadows’ in Spanish, which gives a glimpse of the city’s humble beginnings. According to US entertainment news, it currently ranked as the 28th most populated city in the U.S, it has transformed itself into a metropolis of all things entertainment, from its glamorous nightlife of gambling, casinos, five-star hotels to shopping, fine dining and a host of events, music concerts, live shows, sports, literature, film openings, television programs, and associated activities. It ranks as one of the top-visited tourist destinations in the world. Notable casinos to visit are the Bellagio, Stratosphere, Venetian Resort, and Stratosphere Tower, which have earned it the nickname of “Sin City” but it would a grave underestimation of all this neon light city has to offer. There is the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a bizarre piece of modern architectural design, laid out by Frank Gehry. The clinic is a key participant in the country’s fight against Alzheimer’s disease. A bus ride from Fremont Street, lies the Las Vegas Arts District which is clustered with vintage clothing boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores. Look three miles west of downtown and you’ll find the Las Vegas Spring Preserve with its vibrant botanical gardens and nature walks. Then, there’s the World Market Center just in case, you’ve been looking for designer home furnishings; it also hosts several interior design expos.  If you can’t make it to Vegas be sure to check out for great options. 


Per US entertainment news, home to Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World, Orlando is the second most entertaining U.S. city in our list. It is nicknamed “The City Beautiful” and predominantly driven by the vacation and leisure industry. The Magical surprises of Harry Potter’s Wizard-World, Broadway-style shows of Walt Disney’s animal kingdom, “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo- The Musical”, the iconic Cinderella Castle you see at the beginning of every Disney movie, SeaWorld Orlando with its exhilarating marine zoological parks and resorts and the Amway Center with its major sports arena and entertainment venue for performing arts are not all but some of the many places worth seeing. Orlando is also home to over a hundred of the world’s most beautiful lakes, shopping malls, golf courses, and animal wildlife. 


Officially known as the Windy City and having been featured in Microsoft’s fabled 90’s computer game, Midtown Madness, Chicago is a transnational hub for culture, commerce, industry, education, and telecommunications. It is celebrated for its bold architecture, sky-kissing skyscrapers, iconic sculpture, and deep-dish pizza. The Balaban and Katz Theatre, distinctive Chicago Theatre marquee on North State Street is known for its stage plays, music concerts, and magic shows. Just at the shoreline of Lake Michigan, you’ll find the most visited tourist attraction in the entire Midwest, Navy Pier, with its tens of acres of family attractions, exhibitions, fine dining restaurants, shops, and gardens. It has been depicted in many of Hollywood’s most iconic flicks, such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Untouchables, and many more. Chicago also has 25 beautiful beaches, 600 parks, and Art institutes. Should you be interested in looking for an apartment in the city, you should check rent trends in Chicago, Illinois first so you’ll have an idea of the current prices of different apartment units.

New York City

Home to NBC studios shows we all grew up watching, Saturday Night Live and renowned sitcom Friends, famous hot dog stands, yellow cab taxis, and the Times Square, New York City present itself as “the” American cultural icon. Unlike other cities, New York retains its vintage, timeless image pretty well, with Broadway and Shubert Alley considered the pinnacle of American dramas films, Brooklyn Bridge with its recognizable Gothic-modeled arches, having inspired a generation of painters, poets and writers, Fifth Avenue, the city’s principal shopping boulevard, Grand Central Station, Radio City and Carnegie Hall, all preserving the city’s iconic antiquity. There have also been many comedy movies set in New York City.The Statue of Liberty being a world symbol of freedom, the greeneries of Central Park for it being dubbed as an ‘Urban Oasis’ with its carousel and zoo, the forever brightly lit New York Times Square with its billboards and advertisements all add to the modern facet of the city. It is probably the only city in the world, where you’ll find a Starbucks, Subway, and hot dog stand on every street across downtown Manhattan.

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