Popularity Of Online Entertainment Industry Among The Millennials


Different generations consume entertainment in different ways. For some people, spending hours watching movies might seem like the ideal entertainment options, whereas others would be more into music performances, sports, or playing various games. Regardless of your preferences, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to consume entertainment online.

It isn’t strange, as tons of people around the world have been under lockdown for months. However, what differentiates millennials from other generations is their TV viewing habits that changed due to the pandemic. Though Baby Boomers and Gen X continue spending a lot of time watching traditional TV, the number of millennials who do the same has declined.

In this article, we review the most popular online entertainment services that millennials consume in their free time.

Millennials and Their Viewing Habits: A Quick Overview

Millennials are viewing more and more online videos, so much that the number of millennials who watch digital video now outnumbers those who watch traditional television.

According to a report from eMarketer, 64.2 million people born between 1981 1996 will watch streaming video or video downloaded onto a device at least once a month this year. On the contrary, 59 million people will watch traditional TV at least once a month, which means nearly 9 percent more millennials stream video instead of watching TV.

So, what’s resulting in the gains for digital over traditional?

To be honest, a lot of factors play into it, but generally, the move from analog anything to digital everything has undoubtedly played a role in this transition. However, there are other engaging cultural touchpoints that contribute to the trends among millennials.

When we say millennials watch online videos, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bingeing on Netflix. They also get exposed to lots of videos through social media, which they use heavily. You see someone tweet a video, and you click on it. That means a lot of millennials might not even watch the video on their own via YouTube or other video streaming sites.

As younger millennials are frequent social network users, they are typically exposed to more videos on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, which are heavy on video content.

While this is a slowly developing trend, Gen Z is already exhibiting similar viewing tendencies, and that means the broadcast and cable networks will have to make changes to their business models down the lane. Undoubtedly, businesses are already thinking about it. And, it will be pretty fascinating to see what unfolds.

The Increased Popularity of Live Online Casinos

Recently, gambling has evolved to be one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Online casinos are attracting a lot more players than ever. In most countries, governments have put forward specific regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in the brick-and-mortar casinos being temporarily locked. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped players from enjoying their favorite casino games. Instead, they just moved to the digital space and started calculating their betting odds using online calculators.

The good news is that reputable online casinos worldwide have started opening their doors wide to players from almost all countries. What’s more, live online casinos are enjoying rapid growth lately, especially since the land-based casinos are temporarily closed. For players worldwide, they are the most preferred way of betting and gambling.

Live casinos also come with their indisputable advantages. Players don’t have to hit physical casinos and can access online casinos from the comforts of their home (or wherever you are) 24/7.

If you are into this type of entertainment, you might want to try a live casino or a sports betting platform online. After all, all you need is a smartphone or a desktop device with a stable internet connection, and you can have the best gambling experience of your life.

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