Preparing Your House for Sale in Los Angeles: Steps to Take


Los Angeles offers growth opportunities regardless of one’s path in life. A techie can grow with the myriad of IT companies there, while an entertainer can find their calling in Hollywood or other venues, like restaurants and bars, that host open mike nights and the like. Those seeking to grow with real estate by wondering, “should I sell my house in Los Angeles?” can do so too.

The city’s realty market has always been booming, as evidenced by the median rate being $852,648 in April 2021, after a 10.4% increase YoY. And, that is through the economic crash due to the pandemic. Sellers can ride these highs and get good money for their properties.

Best Ways to Prepare the House for Sale

Before asking, “should I sell my house in Los Angeles,” check if you’ve done the necessary, like staging, to make it appealing. If not, you should go ahead at once by following a guide like this one.

Basic Cleaning

The very first step of staging is to have your house cleaned from the bottom up.

In this circumstance, it’s best to hire professionals to go about the job. Get an agency that offers every type of house cleaning job to save on cost and time. It might be costlier than doing it yourself, but the results will be better.

LA’s dust blasts aren’t too kind on homes, so there’s that as well going for the professional hire option.

Removing Clutter

Any buyer will get repulsed if they find a house that’s full of clutter.

Clutter makes the house seem like it has less space than it does and takes the buyer’s attention away from its features.

Since you’re moving anyway, it’s worth considering selling some items off and packing up the rest away from sight.

Repainting/Reinstalling Wallpaper

The paint or wallpaper on the walls is what turns a building into a living space. These fade or wear out over time, causing the house to lose its welcoming charm. No charm means no appeal for the potential buyer.

Getting your house repainted or re-wallpapered will push its value up based on looks. It also sends the signal to the buyer that you’ve maintained it well. Such reassurance makes finalizing the sale easier. Don’t ignore the outside walls as well, as LA’s harsh weather does take a toll.


If you’re selling your furniture along with the house, it helps to have them well maintained. Place them to maximize space while adding to its appeal. Get them repaired and polished before being seen.

General Repairs

Ensure that every corner and utility connection, like electrical and plumbing, is without damage. Have it all inspected and any damage repaired before putting it up for sale.

Get A Good Agent

There are realty agents that don’t cost a bomb to hire to sell your house or go with options like we buy homes in Los Angeles. Get one that takes no commission or closing fees for the best selling experience.

“How to sell my house in Los Angeles?” is a common question with many answers. The best one is to prepare it well for its sale, and get the best agent for the job, and collect the money.


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