Pressure washing your roof –Important guidance from the professionals


Are you planning to pressure wash your roof? If yes, then you need to know that the process is not as easy as it appears. And if you want to take this up as a DIY project, you need to exercise the necessary precautions. In this article, we will mention some essential guidelines from the professionals that will benefit you. 

Guidelines for pressure washing the roof

The shingles might appear as if they will offer ample traction for securely mounting the roof. However, wet algae can prove to be slick as oil. Hence, the first rule is that you don’t climb the roof soon after the last rain. It would help if you waited till the time the surface got dry. You shouldn’t set foot on the wet spots as you are cleaning. Always have someone to assist you. It is always good to opt-in for a professional pressure washing service provider. Not only they are knowledgeable and skilled about your concern, but also they have their own equipment like pressure washers, hoses, and pressure washer trailers so you don’t have to worry about it. To know more, you can check out pressure washing in Dayton, Ohio

1. Begin on the farthest end from a ladder

It would help if you didn’t spray yourself in the corner. Hence, the moment you step away from the ladder, you can walk to another roof corner and place your back to the ladder. It will prevent you from stepping on the wet shingles. If you are looking to buy a ladder, see tool hire here for best options.

2. Inspect your roof

Check out for problem areas, spaces that require a thorough cleaning. Also, the spots and loose shingles need repair. Get this done before the cleaning process. You should know what you are against and avert any unpleasant surprises which will slow the job.   Be sure to find options for Roof Cleaning Near Me as well.

3. Start with a detergent

You can begin with a biodegradable detergent to lose the moss and algae growing on the shingles and destroy the probable mold. The ideal way for applying detergent is using a soap shooter or foamer. The objective is to lose the algae so that it’s simpler to clean and doesn’t get clung on shingles and move away particles when sprayed away. Enable the detergent to sit for some time on the spaces that got most affected by grime and algae. The secret here is to make use of much cleaner that way, and you will have less washing or rinsing.  Be sure to search Roof Cleaning Near Me for expert help.

4. Make use of a reduced setting

The shingles are more delicate than they appear. At an increased setting, a few pressure washers might cause a hole in the drywall. The ideal way to get the correct setting is to fix it at lower power and manage it gradually till you arrive at the proper flow. 

5. Don’t spray up, but down

When you check the farthest the pressure washer can spray, you can think, why not simply blast the roof from the group and do away with the ladder. It is essential to spray down instead of up. It ensures that the water isn’t trapped beneath the shingles and result in mold damage.   If so check out the experts at Roof Cleaning in Johnson City TN as well.

6. Move the sprayer instead of the power setting

When some more pressure is required, you can apply concentrated cleaner instead of adjusting your pressure setting. Also, soft washing is an ideal way to clean your roof without causing any damage. 

Once you are aware of these guidelines, you can go ahead with pressure washing your roof. However, it’s always better to join hands with an ace service provider. 

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