Prices of Gastric Sleeve Turkey

37-year-old James Hulkey has been through an amazing transformation that has made him rich at the end; he described his experience, “I have never thought I could achieve this; it was surprisingly easy.”

Transformation started with Stomach Reduction Turkey

James Hulkey was suffering from obesity since he was a teenager. Obesity condition was very common in Hulkey’s family and made James’s life very difficult for very long years. James describes those days “As a teenager, it was very hard to be fat; everybody makes fun of you. I wasn’t able to be active like my other friends, I could not never play soccer with them; I was very easily short of breath. Every day, I promised myself to get rid of my excess weight, to start a diet, to start exercising; but I could never achieve. I think, after a certain point, you need more than just diets and exercises.”

While telling about the difficulties caused by his obesity condition James also mentioned his psychological state; “I lost my motivation to do anything I like because I was hopeless about the life. I totally lost my self-confidence and self-esteem.”

Gastric Sleeve Turkey was the first part of James’s transformation; on the age of 30, James was diagnosed with diabetes caused by his excess weight. While still very young, he was advised to lose weight as soon as possible. Looking for the most effective solution to lose weight, James started to search for weight loss surgery however the prices in his country and all around the Europe was quite over his budget.

One day, one of his friends has mentioned him about the medical tourism in Turkey and how all treatments have become very popular as they are so affordable and advanced.

Stomach Reduction Turkey Prices

Being a very advantageous treatment option especially for patients coming from abroad, stomach reduction Turkey prices are also very inclusive.
General low cost of daily life and the low currency rates are two important aspects effecting the low treatment prices around the country; combined with the high expertise level and the wide variety of treatments among that patients can opt for the most suitable one for themselves, it is not surprising that Turkey’s popularity is increasing day by day for the weight loss surgery.

Mono Clinic, which also performed James’ stomach reduction surgery, provides its patients with a holiday-like medical journey by designing all the details with the high quality service and facilities.

Becoming fit and healthy with Stomach Reduction Turkey

As a result of his detailed research to find the most successful treatment option for his weight loss surgery, James has booked his gastric sleeve with Mono Clinic; “I have never thought it would be this easy to book a treatment abroad; they took care of everything for me and they helped me in every step. I had a medical consultation online and it was very convenient as they informed me about all the details and assessed my individual condition. Not only the medical details but also all the itinerary details of my treatment journey to Turkey were handled by their assistance.”

With the gastric sleeve Turkey operation, James has lost 68 kg within a year; he got rid of the related diseases and become very fit.

“I still cannot believe that I got rid all of my excess weight; the best part was feeling energetic again. I could run, jump, play soccer and basketball with my friends without being out of breath. I started to see the life from a different perspective.”

Designing His Own Smile with Dental Implant Turkey

After achieving a fit and healthy body by getting rid of his excess weight with gastric sleeve Turkey, James had decided to restore his smile.

“I have neglected my dental care for long years and also the original form of my teeth was not very pleasant for me; after discovering the medical tourism in Turkey, I decided also to have dental implant Turkey procedure to smile confidently. The procedure was completely painless.”

Dental Implant Turkey Costs

Dental treatments are of the most preferred procedures among all health tourism activities and with the most affordable prices, Turkey is one of the best destinations for those looking to achieve a charismatic smile.

James’s smile was designed in accordance to his wishes and needs; with this personalized dental treatment, the second step of his big transformation was completed successfully. James smile was restored by using the best quality material with his choice of color and form.

Fuller Hair with Hair Transplant Turkey

After his obesity and dental treatments in Turkey, James only needed one more thing to complete his transformation; “Only thing missing was fuller hair; after having my obesity surgery and smile design treatment in Turkey, I knew Turkey was the right place for hair transplants as well. I wanted to complete my transformation with fuller because I always thought my hair looked weak. I had my treatment with Hair Transplant Turkey and after a year, my hair has achieved a very charismatic appearance.”

James said that he owes a lot to all the medical processes he had in Turkey; “I would never be able to afford all these operations in my country. With the medical tourism procedures in Turkey, I had an amazing transformation and my whole life has changed completely thanks to my increased self-confidence and self-esteem. After achieving the best version of myself in both medical and psychological terms, I have built up my own business and I have become one of the most successful businessmen in my country within very short time.”

James Hulkey’s amazing transformation with health tourism procedures at Mono Clinic in Turkey has provided him not only with increased self-confidence and a great motivation but also made him one of the richest men in his country; his business has become very successful in a very short time and James is very grateful for all the procedures that has eventually lead him to this amazing point today.