Pros and Cons for Choosing a Pre-Furnished Condo


Moving into a new home is a stressful yet exciting journey. It is a roller-coaster of emotions, from feeling sad about letting go of your old house full of memories and embracing the new beginning with loads of excitement. There are uncountable tasks to handle before moving into your new home, which can be very challenging.

There are many pros and cons of moving into a furnished place, but the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. You already have furniture and the basic amenities installed and taken care of, which removes the hassle of buying things you’ll need. The moving process can be challenging, and you might feel anxious and overwhelmed at first because there’s a lot to do, and adding more work to your daily routine isn’t as easy either.

First things first, you need professional help if you want to streamline the entire process of moving. As easy as that sounds, it isn’t because even though you’re moving into a pre-furnished place, you will still have a lot of stuff that you want to take along with you.

The stuff you can take along with you like devices and jewelry, but there’s the bigger stuff like couches, electronic items, clothes, cutlery, and couches that you’re attached to that must be moved. So what do you do? You find reliable residential movers who can do the job for you. They can help you settle into your new homes easily and quickly. They are experts, so all your belongings will be in safe, reliable hands.

If you’re lucky to find a place that has everything you’ve ever wanted, you’re in luck. This way, all you need to do is pack your clothes, drive to your new home, and you’re all set. Furnishing a new place is a complex and expensive task. But everyone’s situation is different, and that is why we have a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether you should choose a furnished condo or not.

The pros for choosing a pre-furnished condo:

1. Helps save money

Moving into a new place is not only challenging but also expensive. Choosing a place that is already furnished can save you more money than you can think of. Furniture nowadays is costly, and the moving costs add another layer of money over it.

There are many factors to be considered when furnishing an apartment from scratch, from beddings to the living room furniture; it can cost you more money than the price of your entire condo.

Things like sofas, tables, chairs, stools, beds, cupboards, and vanity items are just a few things you’ll need to get and spend an extensive amount of money on.  There are hundreds of big and small items that you will need to make your condo a place you can call home.

A pre-furnished condo solves this problem and saves a lot of your time, money, and energy as well. It will allow you to focus on other things and smoothen your transition into the new condo.

2. Fewer logistical issues

Another benefit of moving into a pre-furnished condo is that you not only save the cost of buying furniture, you can also save the cost of storing and moving it—the fewer items you have, the more storage and moving costs you can save.

If you are moving to a different state or an area far away from your old place, storage and moving cost can cause worry. Getting a pre-furnished condo will not only save these additional costs. Still, it will also save you from the hassle of moving numerous items of furniture across multiple trips if you decide to go about it cheaply.

3. Less clutter with a neutral design

If the place you are buying is pre-furnished, a professional was likely involved. There will be more organic floor space and less clutter. The owners furnished the whole area, keeping in mind the original floor space with the help of an expert; what more could you ask for?

Some cons of choosing a pre-furnished condo

1. It may or may not match your taste

Sometimes, you have to accept the place as it is. You cannot choose the items, colors, and designs according to your preferences. Instead, you will have to embrace a basic and neutrally designed place that appeals to the functional needs of the tenants.

What’s more, sometimes even the quality of the items you’d be using may be questionable.

2. You will have to bear the cost of any damage

All items will belong to the landlord, so, naturally, you will have to pay for any damages caused by you during the period of your lease. They will use your deposit to pay for the expense of repairing any item that you damaged, and if the cost exceeds your deposit, you will have to pitch in the additional cost. You have to be especially careful if you have pets.

3. Higher rent

Having a pre-furnished condo can cost more than you think. The rent of such a furnished place could be much higher. The cost of convenience will have to be in the form of higher rent. You need to run the numbers and carefully decide if the whole thing is worth it.

Compare your monthly rent with the cost of buying and moving new furniture. What’s the use of saving the initial and moving expenses when you’ll have to pay more than that every month in the form of rent?

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you need to weigh your options and decide wisely carefully. It’s essential to think long-term and not focus on the cost you will be saving in the short term. The high rent can be a compromising factor, but the convenience factor is appealing, too.

Each aspect has solid grounds that must be considered. Talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience or look it up online. Every person has different circumstances, and they will decide accordingly. It would help if you planned according to the time you will live and see what works best for your taste and budget.


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