Protect Your Energy in Four Easy Ways

Everybody has moments when they feel they are being tugged in a thousand directions. Those are the days when it seems like practically everyone you know is in trouble, and the only individual they can talk to is you. While it is normal that you may want to try to hold space for everyone around you in crisis, being there all the time for everyone may be psychologically and emotionally demanding. Despite the fact that you may seem to have boundless energy for others around you, you may really be fatigued. In order to avoid mental or physical problems, it is important to allow oneself time and space to recuperate and heal. Whatever it is that you refuse to experience is held hostage inside your physical body, where it might take the form of backaches, migraines, and other symptoms of physical pain. Everyone should learn how to save their energy by recharging and expending it sensibly.

In order to get the most out of our lives, we must protect our energy. Those who are very sensitive or have a propensity to constantly be helping others need to learn how to preserve their energy in order to avoid exhaustion. Intuition and psychic powers are built into our genetic makeup, so it’s easy to detect when someone is trying to harm us. Random sources of leftover negative energy may also be detected by us. This may lead to feelings of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion, as well as a host of health issues.

These four suggestions may assist you if you are feeling drained by others.

1. Call on crystals

For thousands of years, people have used crystals to protect themselves from harm’s way, improve their health, and bring them joy and prosperity. Crystals are powerful shields and healers, both spiritually and physically. Many stones, including citrine, amethyst, and black tourmaline, provide some degree of protection. However, my personal favorites are citrine, amethyst, and black tourmaline.

2. Look after yourself

Fundamental metaphysical reality is that what we put out into the cosmos attracts back to us. Positivity is something we can invite into our lives if we think positively about it. As a result, we are more likely to attract wealth if we keep our thoughts, aspirations, and wishes positive. As soon as we start thinking negative ideas, we allow ourselves to be surrounded by bad energy. When someone attempts to harm your psychological well-being, you are almost always complicit in the assault.

3. Employ guided meditation.

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced physique begins with regular meditation. Your body’s inherent defenses are bolstered when you meditate, raising your frequency and improving your mood. Using guided meditations may help you remain focused on your inner body, rather than focusing on the outer world. Starting with only five minutes of meditation, you may gradually increase the amount of time you spend meditating. One suggestion that works best, especially in work settings, is corporate meditation classes. Although sometimes limited, corporate resources on meditation can still be beneficial to employees as the company can still spearhead mindfulness activities through small activities.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

One of the most important techniques for mental defense is to be aware of your surroundings. As soon as you sense someone draining your energy, leave the situation. Understand how to identify these “energy vampires” – the individuals who consciously or unwittingly drain your vitality. Common energy vampire behaviors include violating your personal space and speaking at you rather than with you. Distance yourself promptly when you find yourself in a similar circumstance. Spend as little time as possible in settings that are prone to deplete you, such as lengthy parties, tedious work meetings, and confined spaces. One of the smartest decisions I made was to impose time limitations on my attendance at social gatherings and work meetings.


It is in our nature as humans to desire to alleviate the suffering and anxiety of people we love. To be nice and compassionate to people we care about, we devote a lot of ourselves each day. In our efforts to serve others, we often overlook the fact that our own emotional and physical well-being is just as, if not more, vital. When you learn what drains and raises your energy, you’ll be better able to defend yourself in a variety of circumstances. Additionally, consider how you may infuse your life with more good energy. If you could only do one thing to de-stress yourself this week, what would it be? Trying to be everyone’s superhero isn’t necessary. As time goes on, being constantly accessible to everybody will ultimately lead you to reach a point when you need time to recharge, and you will be unable to serve others. The best way to avoid burnout is to follow the above-given suggestions.