Reclaimed Wooden Flooring: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid


Some people prefer modern architecture with minimalist building design, others more elegant Victorian or Italianate architecture with ornate engravings and pillars. Reclaimed wood flooring is suitable for the majority of architectural plans and creates a more polished and comfy aesthetic. Reclaimed wood is a kind of wood which has been recycled due to its high demand. While this type of wood has many positive features, you can only receive these benefits if your flooring is installed with care. Here are five common mistakes to avoid when you opt for this kind of flooring:

1. Failing to Check the Wood before Purchasing

If you are buying reclaimed wood flooring, then you should examine it carefully before finalizing your purchase. You should always make every attempt to buy it from a reliable seller who specializes in selling reclaimed wood flooring.

2. Not Double Checking the Quantity

Since this wood is reused and recycled, the quantity of the product may fluctuate at any given moment. You need to recheck the amount you ordered to avoid any complications. It often has to be ordered in batches, and different batches can have different quality wood. Complications can vary from; less wood to cover the entire surface area, unequal floorboards which do not fit together or evenly set together or even the wood being too fragile to cut and model.

3. Using Wood With Lead Pigments

Before 1978, lead was used in paints and polishes in surplus amounts because it dries faster, increases durability, and prevents moisture from absorbing into the wood. However, since lead can cause lead poisoning and contaminate the environment, its advantages do not seem as appealing. It is essential to take a lead test on the reclaimed wood you are buying so that you can live in safety and remain healthy.

4. Having Your Wood Damaged During Transit

Most wood pieces are not delivered in one piece, and they often suffer some damage on the way. Due to this reason, it is important to take special care when ordering reclaimed wood. You want your wood to remain fully intact throughout its journey to your home. Even a single breakage or misfit piece can ruin the entire look of your floor.

5. Failing to Buy Authentic Reclaimed Wood

There is always a risk of hoax wood being sold as reclaimed wood. To avoid this inconvenience, the buyer should go through the reviews or ask your peers if they know someone well-founded in this business they can refer you to. This will help you receive a superior quality of reclaimed wood flooring.

If you steer clear of these basic mistakes while purchasing reclaimed wood flooring and have it installed successfully, then your floors should look great and have the aged look that is sought after by many.


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