Refreshing and Unique Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Bring to Your Next Get Together


Just because you or a loved one who has a problematic relationship with alcohol may be attending a gathering, doesn’t mean that a great time can’t still be had by all. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun and refreshing beverage, either. There are all sorts of alcohol alternatives available on the market today.

From mocktails to bitters and soda to ginger beer, there are hundreds of recipes and concoctions that can have taste buds dancing without all the side effects that come with alcohol. And just because you aren’t drinking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a glass to raise to a toast.

Here are a few suggestions for your next gathering:

Bitters and Soda

This is a perfect drink for when you want something that looks fancy and tastes good, without a lot of effort going into making it. It’s simple, refreshing, and even beneficial. Bitters offer several digestive health benefits that help settle a large or rich meal.

If you or someone at your get-together likes the feel of a cocktail in their hand without it being an alcoholic beverage, bitters and soda is the way to go.

A Few Classic Mocktails

Some of the best virgin drinks of the previous era are named after celebrities. While you may be familiar with the names, not a lot of people know much about the actual drinks:

The Shirley Temple

A lemon-lime or ginger ale soda mixed with grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry.

The Roy Rogers

Grenadine syrup, mixed into a club soda base and garnished with a maraschino cherry.

The Arnold Palmer

A blended lemonade and iced tea mix. How much of each depends on the preference of the drinker.

A Few Modern Mocktails

Just because alcohol isn’t involved doesn’t mean today’s mixologists can’t bring their creativity to the game. Here are a few of the more recent concoctions in mocktail history:

A Chili-Lime-Pineapple Soda

As the name implies, this drink is made by mixing up the very complimentary flavors of chili, lime, and pineapple in a club soda base.

The Mango Mule

Some non-alcoholic drinks are inspired by drinks that already exist in bars. The Mango mule is created in the image of the Moscow Mule, with the vodka being replaced by mango puree, honey syrup, and nectar or juice.

A Lemon-Lavender Mocktail

This drink is very trendy right now, offering a lavender-infused simple syrup. Lavender is popular in everything from lattes to essential oils these days.

The Virgin Mary

One of the most popular breakfast or lunch cocktails is the Bloody Mary, so it only makes sense to have a non-alcoholic version for the morning and afternoon hours. It’s a very simple recipe as you just use your favorite existing recipe and leave out the alcohol.

Pina Colada Mocktail

The tropical flavor of an island getaway in a glass doesn’t have to include booze. Much like the Virgin Mary, any preferred pina colada recipe (sans the alcohol) will do.

Honorable Mentions

On top of the bitters and soda, as well as the classic and modern mocktails we mentioned, there are many more options available for you or your non-drinking guests. They include ginger beer and ginger ale drinks, fruit juice blends, and others.




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