Requirements For A Skilled Independent Visa

This is a kind of visa that allows an individual to work and live permanently in any country i.e This visa lets invited workers with skills needed live and work permanently anywhere in a preferred country. A lot of people applied for this type of visa, in order to search for a greener pasture, and it mostly works with an invitation from the place you are to work in the desired country. Foreign national skilled workers are also considered to have taken a skilled independent visa.

Eligibility / Requirements

There are various requirements and conditions to be met, in order to be eligible to apply for a skilled independent visa. These eligibilities are calculated in the form of points, which at the end determines the overall qualification.  In order to apply for a skilled independent visa, applicants (or their partner) must be able to satisfy the basic visa requirements. They are as follows:

Sponsor – A sponsor from either a family member, a nomination by the government, or an employer is needed. This kind of visa requires you to be sponsored by either of the aforementioned, in order to gain more points. Once you get a sponsor, you will need to have them nominate you for the visa.

Age – Through this, you can score more points, due to your age. But you must not be more than 50 years of age.

Qualifications – You need to have the necessary school qualifications. This includes trades, secondary school, or university qualifications. To prove that you are educationally qualified for the nominated skill.

Skills Assessment – You must complete a skill assessment and get a certain point, in order to be eligible for the application. You must be positively assessed by skills assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

Expression of Interest – This is a kind of form that you are required to fill and submit. The skill program will contain a number of questions pertaining to your background, skills, and related questions relevant to your working experience.

Health and Character –  Before you are allowed to enter another country, you must have done some medical tests, to prove you medically suitable for where you are leaving for. Not in any way should there be anything against your name, either criminally or in any other form. With the presence of any of that, it counts as discredibility on the part of the applicant.

Other requirements include; Basic English skills i.e have an impressive skill set, a sound understanding of the English language, both orally and written. Also, do not have any outstanding debt owed.


The above eligibility is generally asked for while applying for a skilled independent visa. Various countries still have other conditions to be met, as this is peculiar to the kind of job too. Each country with the required skill needed, and the duration it’s going to last. Some are for the short term, while some are for the long term. The processing duration might be up to some months, before receiving feedback from the application.