Retail Shelf Placement- How to Strategize the Same


Shelf presence is crucial and serves as one of the better tools for marketing for retail marketers and to gain success. How will you work out a strategy so that the shelf placement is optimum and will attract the maximum number of customers at your retail outlet? So, read on for more information. 

An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that if you target the wrong store to sell and display your products, it will not serve the purpose. You will be wasting precious time. 

Once you have identified the proper stores or outlets where your products will sell well, the rest will fall in place sooner. Out of this, product display and shelf placement are crucial. 

Product display and shelf placement go hand in hand. So, how can you better your sales? Find out in the paragraphs that follow. 

Identify your core consumers

Core customers are not the same as target customers. While target customers encompass a much larger circle, core customers are the ones that are more likely to buy your products. Find out the age group, their family background, and education. It becomes easier to target them if you are aware of the above aspects about the core customers. 

Vertical placement

Placing products vertically from top to bottom is helpful. If you have an entire block of your products, it is easier to scan through rather than walking the aisle and looking for products horizontally. Ideally, placing products on 3 different vertical blocks help. 

Focus on signage

The tags you place on products speak for themselves. But the sign or message you convey on the tags also called shelf tags must be clear and easily understandable. So, the placement of the signage of the tag must be considered as well. 

Talking about shelves and fixtures, you can explore SI Retail Shop Shelving to find out which shelves will be suitable for each product. If you invest in the right type of shelves and fixtures, it will help you go a long way, and installing quality shelves will ensure longevity and you do not have to change them frequently. 

Keep products at eye level

The best placement for products is at eye level. So, arrange all your fast-selling products here and the ones that are likely to have a lot of takers. However, it is not possible to book each row at your retail store to sell your products. You will have your competitors as well. 

So, work out a strategy wherein you can place those products at eye level that will be most visible. This shelf must particularly appeal to the so-called “skimmers” that come to the store to explore and buy any one kind of a product. This shelf must also appeal to impulsive buyers. 

Appropriate placement of the shelves and consequently your products offer a lot of advantages like offering visibility to your products, allowing people to know about the latest you have to offer, suggest and convey invaluable information about the products, and much more.

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