Role of Digital Marketing: Progression From 2020 To 2021


As we are proceeding towards 2021, we are taking this year’s latest technologies, newer updates, and marketing tactics from 2020. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving process, and we must keep up to date with the changes in the digital world. As prominent digital platforms introduce new features or update existing features, surrounding that marketing strategies change as well.

The role of digital marketing this year might not be the same next year. However, some changes in different platforms are most probably will stick the year ahead. Best digital marketing tools are constantly being updated with the newest addition in the digital world and work accordingly.

Here we will briefly discuss the digital marketing scopes that were either created or got popular in the year 2020. These features and digital marketing strategies are most likely to play an important role in the upcoming year as well.

No Click Searches

For years, the main target of SEO or digital marketing was to come on top of Google search results. This year, however, that changed as Google introduced position zero. The aim of digital marketing now has to come on position zero. Previously the aim was to get on position one; now, it has become to get on position zero.

Position Zero is the featured area on top of Google search, where the most relevant answers are shown in a snippet searched by the user. It is also known as a featured snippet. It is separated from all the search results in a small box and shows up on top of everything, and it can have videos, images, or simple texts. It also displays some extra relevant information to answer the query. Hence, the no-click-search name was raised.

In the year 2020 and onwards, the prime goal of digital marketing has become to make their website or content show up on position zero on Google search results. 

Chatbots at Your Service

Chatbots have become widely popular this year, though it started almost 2 years ago. Chatbots are used to assist visitors with support regarding basic information. The artificial intelligence of the chatbots allows them to converse with visitors and direct them with the necessary information. 

Chatbots can provide customer service without investing too much in human resources. As to implement digital marketing successfully, digital assistance or support for customers is also required. Chatbots can fulfill this requirement. This year, about 80% of companies have implemented chatbots.

Is Everyone Included?

Inclusivity has become extremely important this year. People are tired of homogenous content. As people are more aware of inclusivity now, they want to see diversity in internet marketing too. Significantly, the younger audience is more concerned about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Some digital marketing strategies evolve depending on society too, and it is high time, digital marketing target and include all groups of people. Customers these days abandon a company that advertises racist, sexist, homophobic content. So, digital marketing for any company has to have an open mind and inclusive of all gender, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, minorities, etc. 

Digital agencies are more careful about advertising diversity this year than ever before. People avoid brands that do not have a cultural appreciation or believe in gender equality. 29% of consumers switch to other brands if a brand does not show diversity. 

Facebook Is Losing Users?

Facebook dominated the social networking world for a long time; however, it is now slowly losing the top position. The younger users are more drawn towards visual platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or Tiktok. 

Data breach scandal in 2018, privacy concerns, cyberbullying – all these are making people stay away from Facebook. By no means has it lost its charm, but it is decreasing. Especially the younger generation has very little to no interest in Facebook. 

With the younger demographics losing interest in Facebook, the marketing targeted towards them has shifted as well. This change happened more this year, as more than 41% of Facebook users are over the age of 65. Many companies have stopped marketing on Facebook as their target audience hardly use Facebook anymore.

Everyone Loves Instagram

As already mentioned, the younger audience is more interested in visual platforms. One of the most popular ones now is Instagram. Most of the other users are below 30. It is one of the most rapidly growing networking sites, having more than 1 billion users already.

Most digital marketing or social media marketing is shifting towards Instagram these days. Sponsored posts, influencer posts, ads, hashtags, Instagram optimization, etc., are done by digital marketing agencies as an unavoidable part of SEO.

How about Tiktok?

When you hear about Tiktok users, the demographic that might come to your mind is kids, teenagers, and maybe a few young adults. But to your surprise, a large number of adults are also using Tiktok. It has become the new best spot for digital marketing, as it has over 100 million monthly active users. If properly utilized, marketing in Tiktok can be fruitful as there is less competition too.  If properly utilized, marketing in Tiktok can be fruitful as there is less competition too. Focus on creating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, collaborating with other creators, and promoting your TikTok on other platforms can help you buy real tiktok followers.

Influencers Everywhere 

A new profession that has come to the limelight for the past couple of years is an influencer. Influencers are ruling almost all social media platforms, especially Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. Marketing through influencers is the trend right now. Companies approach or pay influencers to promote their service and products. As the influencers have a large following, it is easier for companies to reach a broad audience. 

A person promoting a product also seems much more reliable and promising to the customers. 63% of consumer trust products that an influencer suggested, and 58% buys products that an influencer recommends. Hence, digital marketing via influencers is blooming. 

Visual Search – The New Way of Searching

Image search optimization is in line for digital marketing agencies as the visual searchers are increasing. Images need to be optimized so that your expected results show up when someone searches something using a photo. Visual search has brought user experience to a new level. 

Many platforms are using visual search these days, and the number will increase even more. It is already taking over the fashion industry. Consumers are searching for their desired item through visual searches. 

Pinterest launched its visual search system called Pinterest Lens, which got millions of users on the first day. Google lens is undoubtedly the most popular one for visual search. There are also CamFind and Bing Visual Search.

Local SEO Is More Popular Than Ever

Google frequently updates its local search algorithm, and so should you. Updating your business profile regularly is a mandatory duty if you own a small business or organization. Local SEO is essential and more effective than general SEO. 

Digital marketing agencies know the best about the importance of Local SEO. Through local SEO, a business can benefit tremendously, and no good digital marketing agency will skip on doing local SEO. 

SEO for businesses or organizations has played an essential role in digital marketing this year and will continue to hold importance for the upcoming year as well.  If you have moved here and changed then learn more.

Old but Gold- Email Marketing

Marketing trends do not necessarily have to be new to work. Email marketing has been playing a prominent part in digital marketing for decades now. Yet, there is no sign of it outdating or becoming obsolete. This year and for the next year, email marketing will hold its top position without a doubt.

However, the style of email marketing has changed throughout these years. Now emails are more customized or personalized for the customers. They are targeted and straightforward, the heading is intriguing, and the emails are visually pleasing.

To Conclude

Digital marketing is essential to create an online presence, draw traffic, attract customers, increasing sales. In this competitive world, a business does not stand a chance without some sort of marketing. Businesses are choosing digital marketing over traditional marketing as they are more cost-effective and reachable to a broad audience with less effort. The role of digital marketing cannot be neglected at the time we are living in.