Roles & Responsibilities of Professional Scrum Master


Many organisations are using Scrum in their agile framework and methodologies to help companies attain high profits and demands. It has increased the demand for Scrum professionals and masters. More and more people are opting for the PSM course nowadays as awareness is spreading for this excellent certification course.

Organisations will get better profits and growth with the help of Professional Scrum Masters. Opting for the scrum methodology will improve the agile framework. The development teams work to deliver software features. The interactive cycles and functions are well defined in the scrum framework.

A scrum master can help you attain better results within a restricted time frame. You have to make sure you know the scrum methodologies and framework. Whether you opt for the Professional Scrum Master™ certification or not, certain responsibilities and roles can make you a potential scrum master. Having a PSM™ certification can increase your chances of grabbing a good job along with decent pay. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about hiring agile scrum experts.

Scrum Masters- Who Are They?

In agile software development, the Scrum framework is an extension that can help to establish faster development team processes. Besides, iterative cycles are well handled by the Professional Scrum Masters.

They have to handle the functionalities and new developmental plans and guide the development teams to help them attain proper goals and product deliveries.

The Professional Scrum Master is also responsible to deliver the product and manage the risk factors if any. The team may face various issues and problems during the product deliveries, scrum master has to make sure to assess and manage the same.

Let us explore some of the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum master!

Roles and Responsibilities

As a scrum master, you will not be in charge of handling the developmental team or the project. Many people confuse scrum masters with product owners but both roles are different.

Scrum masters do not manage but ensure the team is adapting to the scrum and agile framework.

They work with the product owners and teams to improve the processes and developments in the scrum framework.

Scrum masters have the following responsibilities and roles. Let’s explore them-

Scrum Masters Coach the Team Members

Team members are trained by the scrum masters to understand all the processes related to the agile framework. They also guide team members to know their respective goals.

Project ownership is important in an agile framework and a scrum master should make sure that professionals are following the same. The teams are taught to self-organise and manage.

Scrum Masters Carry Out Daily Meetings

A 15-minute daily scrum related meeting or a stand-out should be hosted by a scrum master. Each team member is asked about the tasks to be done. They will also analyse the previously done tasks. The progress related to the work is validated.

Scrum Masters should also acknowledge the time that the development team demands for the task.

These meetings will track the team’s progress and manage the risks related to it. The completion of the task should be done in the given time frame.

Attendance in the meeting is compulsory for all the people who are working in the office as well as remotely. Participation is important to ensure focus and determination in work.

Scrum Masters Assist Product Owners

They will help in product backlogging. The product backlog is important to maintain by the product owners. It is a list of work that the teams have to complete.

The Professional Scrum Master is responsible to assist or help the product owner in maintaining and refining the same.

The information from the daily stand-up meetings can help a scrum master acknowledge the tasks and product backlog for the product owner.

It is a live document that can be changed with the current potential risks and other development needs.

They will also write the customer stories and schedule the meeting of the product backlog according to them.

Roadblocks are Removed by the Scrum Masters

All the distractions and project blocks are noted by the scrum master. They will help the teams to stay focused and cope with the distractions that can impede the project. It is done in each iteration.

If an employee is made to attend a not-so-important meeting, the scrum masters can ask the board to not make them attend. They can decide who needs to be there and who doesn’t.

A Scrum Master can also decrease your workload if you are working comprehensively in the company. These roadblocks can decrease the productivity of the employee.

Scrum Masters Ensures Scrum Practices and Principles

Scrum Methodology needs to be followed in the agile framework and a scrum master makes sure of it. The work should not slow down hence a scrum master is always mentoring and teaching the team members how to work in an agile manner.

To make things work smoothly along with the new employees and team members, Scrum Masters have to mentor. They have to make teammates understand the vision of the product and the scope.

They also have to make sure team members are following the scrum practices and regulations. How to be self-organised and stay focused is also one of the few things a scrum master teaches.

Although they are not entitled to manage people but to make the people work in an agile way.


Professional Scrum Master (PSM™) certification can help you build a strong future and work comprehensively as a scrum product owner, scrum developer, scrum professional, scrum trainer, and scrum coach. A PSM course can also help you learn how to implement scrum and ensure clean product delivery. It is an effective tool to promote self-organising teams and create a smooth workflow.

It can potentially be fruitful for your career and give you a good increment. There are many opportunities in the scrum course. You have to ensure the projects are moving smoothly and following the scrum methodologies and guidelines.


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