Shopping For Sustainable Home Items In NYC


In a recent survey done by the World Economic Forum, 86% of adults said that they would like to live more sustainably. For the individual, that means making changes in our daily lives from the way we eat to how we shop and travel. Many of these changes are simple and easy to do, for instance, rather than buying a product made of plastic, you can look for an alternative made from recycled materials. For every aspect of shopping, there are choices that are more sustainable and eco-friendly than others. When it comes to building and decorating our homes, there are lots of places in New York where you can get green materials and products to help you live more sustainably. Ladelle Serving provides stylish and functional serveware for any occasion.

Building Materials

If you are improving or extending your home, choosing sustainable building materials is an ethical and eco-friendly choice. These could include reclaimed wood, recycled insulation and sustainably-sourced timber. Green building options don’t have to be more expensive than non-sustainable materials either. There are plenty of places in NYC where you can source your building materials. Green Depot (1 Ivy Hill Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11211) stocks a wide range of construction materials including drywall, lumber, insulation and steel framing. Go Green Building Supply (3030 Veterans Rd W, Staten Island, NY 10309) supplies homeowners with sustainable options for their DIY projects, specialising in kitchens for both indoors and out.

Sustainable Furniture

Furnishing your home in a sustainable way is easy. One of the most ethical choices is to look for second hand items, and you may be surprised what you can find at the local thrift store. You could also choose vintage furniture. Furnish Green (1261 Broadway #309, New York, NY 100010) is packed with antique and vintage items that can give your home a classic, timeless feel. However, if you are looking to buy new furniture, focus on eco-friendly and recycled materials. Urban Natural Home Furnishings (1283 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003) stock American-made living and dining room furniture, and also have a range of organic mattresses for the bedroom.

Eco-friendly homewares

Homewares and accessories can turn your living space into a place of comfort and style. In NYC you are spoiled for choice when it comes to eco-friendly homewares. West Elm (119 W 17th St, NY 10011) specialises in fair trade, organic homewares featuring local designers. They are your go-to store for modern decor and minimalist chic. From soft furnishings to handcrafted rugs, you can easily create a stylish living space from West Elm. Uncommon Goods (140 58th St Building B, Suite 5B, Brooklyn, NY 11220) has dining ware and cookware that is unusual and unique. They support craft makers and artisans using sustainable and recycled materials in their work. You will find items at Uncommon Goods that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

NYC is leading the way when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly shopping. You can easily complete your home DIY project and make a beautiful living space choosing ethically-sourced materials.

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