Should You Use a VPN for Gaming?

If you have been in the Polish digital world for a long time, you must have come across the word IP address. An IP address is simply a digital fingerprint that will identify you on the internet and will affect what you see and can do. People can thus track your location by simply checking the IP address.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to connect with another computer as if you were a part of that network. This means that you can securely surf the internet and even change your IP address. Big corporations mostly use VPNs, but they are also becoming a thing in the gaming sector. We linked up with our expert, Klara Czerwinska, who highlighted the following benefits of using VPN for gamers:

Overcome geo-blocking

Have you ever come across an awesome game, only for you to be met by “sorry, this game is not available in your country”? It happens all the time as some games are created to serve only certain countries or geographic locations. The government can also prohibit some games for a number of reasons. However, you may be looking forward to trying out that game, but your IP address cannot allow it. You may also be travelling only to note that your current country does not support the game.

Gaming with VPN allows you to change your location and enjoy your play. You will thus change the IP address and get a virtual IP address of the target country. It will also be easy to switch back to your normal IP address once your travel is over.

It helps you remain anonymous or access blocked sites

The modern world has both good and bad people. You may be a heavy gambler but still want to remain anonymous for reasons best known to you. For instance, you do not want to attract unnecessary attention when you win big in a casino.

There are also muggers and people with ill intentions who may track you down after huge winnings. A VPN will mask your IP address and ensure that unwanted people do not get hold of your crucial information. Such an approach will disorient such hackers, and you remain safe.

You may also have checked reviews of some of the best gambling platforms at a reputable Polish platform such as However, you are in another country and you are blocked from accessing such sites. A VPN is an awesome approach to access such platforms and still enjoy your gaming sessions.

It keeps you safe while using public networks

The idea of connecting to a public network in the park, coffee shop, or even the library seems like a good idea. There are many ways of using the internet, such as watching videos, sharing your life, and gaming through various platforms. You may thus enjoy your game, not knowing that there might be someone who is tracking your activities. Such hackers may get hold of your crucial information and install applications that may harm you in the future. The premises may also be keeping logs of all the people who use the connection. However, a VPN can keep you safe and ensure that no one attacks your computer.  Be sure to check out this VPN detection API.

Improve your gaming speed

Gaming can be demanding in many ways. Having lags during your gaming session can be very frustrating, and you may not even enjoy it. Getting a good VPN can help boost the speeds. You will thus rent some resources on the cloud and get a server to boost the speed. However, you must ensure that you get the right VPN, as some will reduce your speed.

Avoid DDoS attacks

Competitive gaming can be very tricky where people use all sorts of tricks to win. Cases of DDoS attacks are very common as some gamers seek to have the edge over their competitor. You may be on a winning streak only for your computer to start suffering from denial of services sent out by your competitors. You may thus suffer from one as they seek to have an advantage over you. A good VPN can mask your IP address and add an extra layer of security to your network.

As you can see, gaming with VPN is one of the best uses for VPN in the modern world. Using a VPN goes beyond changing the IP address, as there are many other benefits. The choice of VPN will depend on your needs, your taste, and preferences. There are both free and paid versions for VPNs that you can enjoy in Poland.