Similarities Between Framed and Unframed Canvas Prints


Canvas print has become the top popular wall art design. It is flexible with various designs option. Choosing between framed and unframed canvas print can be quite a task, especially when you have no idea what you are getting at. To make the best choice, you need first to understand the similarities and differences between the framed and unframed canvas print.

Read through this guide for crucial information if you want to make your decision-making more straightforward and fun.

Similarities Between Framed and Unframed Canvas Prints

Both framed and unframed canvas prints have undergone some significant changes. Compared to the old canvas prints, the new forms have enhanced durability and easy application. They both add flair to home decoration.

Framed and unframed canvas allow easy coordination of room accent with precise dimensions. They both serve as a display for multiple colors by making the collage appear closer to each other.

Both frames suit large-sized and small-sized spaces. In this case, you only need to use a proper arrangement that brings out the volume of the occupying space. You can match two or more frames together to form a symmetrical or asymmetrical design.

Differences Between Framed and Unframed Canvas Prints

An unframed canvas print depicts the modern and classic style, while framed canvas print portrays a traditional look.

Sometimes, a framed canvas comes wrapped up in a gallery material. Hence, this replaces the traditional framed canvas with elastic edges, reducing its durability.

Unframed canvas prints allow room for creativity and express your interior decoration skill. Since the unframed canvas print is not wrapped in outer material, you only need to ensure the picture is high-quality printed on thick paper. You can quickly turn your canvas idea into reality by going for either square, stack, or panorama

Choosing Between Framed and Unframed Canvas Prints

Choosing between the two variety of canvas prints depend on some factors.

Firstly, you need to choose a style that suits your preference and taste.

If you are a traditionalist fond of detailed wall arts, then framed canvas print is for you. You can either choose a wooden frame, white, or black color. More so, a combination of neutral colors is an excellent idea, provided it matches the frame color.

There are several positions to place your canvas print based on room size, which should also reflect during the choice stage. The suitable pattern based on room size are;

Narrow room

  • For a narrow staircase or basement, use multi-canvas print.
  • Make sure you place them vertically by each other, and the space between them aligns.
  • Use a metric rule or fingertip to measure the distance.

Large room

Multi prints are also suitable for large rooms, but arrange them in a panoramic way. This will cover up every odd space.

Standard room

A standard room size can accommodate diverse canvas prints. You can place them both vertically and horizontally, but ensure the arrangement is beautifully laid.

Final Thoughts 

A canvas print does not necessarily have to be framed, and it can hang into the wall as long as possible. Unless some extras are essential, unframed is also a perfect choice. Nevertheless, go for an option that best quits the wall size and the overall interior decoration. For instance, a framed wall art will hang perfectly on a large wall.

There is no doubt your taste will influence your choice, but hopefully, the information above has provided some clarity about choosing canvas print style.

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