Simple self treatment of migraine

Migraine headaches are very severe with a pain that feels exactly like your skin has been torn open. Since the issue of migraine headache has continued, medications and natural remedies have been the proven way of treating it. Most people that don’t fancy the medication part of treatment often use simple self-treatment remedies, which allows you to understand and know how to get rid of migraine forever!

These natural remedies have proven to be effective in treating migraine headaches. So, it’s important to always get yourself diagnosed first to know the type of headache you’re suffering from, being indulged in any self-treatment condition. This will help you ensure that your condition doesn’t get worse and you are using the right treatment procedure on your condition.

Here is a simple self-treatment procedure that will help get rid of migraine:


Massage is important for keeping yourself comfortable when suffering from migraine headaches. The best part of this remedy is that you can easily do it by yourself or have someone do it for you. Regular massaging of your neck and temple will not only help ease your tension headache but can also ease your severe pain and make you comfortable.

Herbal supplement

There are several herbal supplements to take for your migraine headache. It all depends on what you are comfortable eaQting, as most herbal supplements come with different varieties of smell. Most people often take ginger as their pain meds, which is very effective and beneficial to human health. Another option will be to take some caffeine. As bad as it may sound, having something that has caffeine in it can easily ease your head pain.


Even without knowing about yoga being a natural remedy for treating migraines, most people still practice it regularly. Practicing yoga allows your body to fully stretch, allowing the body muscles to progress and relax with the whole body. In addition, Indulging in meditation sessions can help you get rid of the migraine pain by fully harnessing your yoga practicing benefits.

Use of acupressure device

If you are still wondering how to get rid of migraine headaches without having to go through with regular medication from your doctor, you should also use an acupressure device. Aculief is a doctor-approved acupressure device that is globally used for the easing of pains and treating headaches. The Aculief aids in applying pressure to the affected area of your body to relieve tension. This acupressure device has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of severe headaches like migraines.

change of diet

Changing diet plays a huge role in the treatment of migraine headaches. It’s important to desist from processed food and other foods you can’t seem to know its name. Eat lots of vegetables and proteins to increase the blood flow around the nerves and blood vessels. Don’t eat foods that will keep you chewing all day, because lots of chewing can hurt your jaw and head. If you can’t seem to desist from moving your mouth around consecutively, it will be best to request for a mouth guard from a specialist

make use of cold pack

The use of a cold pack is important when the pain gets much around a certain position on your head. The ice cubes can be wrapped inside a towel before slowly dabbing it on the affected area of your head for a few minutes. This method will allow the severe pain to ease and make you feel comfortable.

If after indulging in the above self-remedies along with its steps on how to get rid of migraine and the severe pain still continues, it’s important to visit your doctor for a thorough evaluation of what type of headache you’re suffering.