Simple Ways To Style Chesterfield Furniture For Apartments


So, you’ve moved into your new apartment, looked around, and you felt like it needed a bit of jazz. You tried rearranging and cleaning your place, but it’s still not enough. As an idea popped in, you looked up online for tips and inspiration then visited a few online furniture shops.

You found a really great piece of chesterfield furniture at Chesterfield Sofa Company, but now, you have no idea how to style it. With that, we’re going to share three simple ways on how you can style chesterfield furniture for your apartment.

1. Laidback boho vibes

A bohemian decor style is unique, full of creativity and heritage. There are pieces of detail wherever you gaze, with colors and patterns, paintings, and carpets. Every decorative item has a purpose and tells a narrative or reflects a characteristic of the homeowner. If you’re the type who wants something more relaxed and cozy, a bohemian style would be perfect for you.

Most chesterfield furniture is made of leather material which is a perfect blend for a bohemian-style apartment. You can start by choosing what leather color you would like for your chesterfield, and then from there, you can be creative and play around with the colors of your home accessories like rugs, throw pillows, and other decorations. The placement of each furniture piece is essential for your apartment to look put together. Although bohemian styles are free-spirited and highly expressive, it’s a different story if things are just all over the place.

2. Clean and comfy industrial style

Industrial interior styles are a complementing blend of modern and rustic furniture pieces. You can see a vibrant natural color palette with a mix of different patterns that creates an overall clean and relaxed look. This style is perfect for apartments with concrete walls and large window glass. The natural lighting is the perfect cherry on top of your neat minimalist apartment.

In this style, creatively incorporating steelworks, wood, and leather would be the perfect combination. A worn leather chair like a 3-seater chesterfield sofa would be ideal for adding texture and various brown colors. A clean grey wall would also look great as a backdrop. Black metal touches here, and there certainly give the area some personality, such as industrial style lighting, shelves, and decor.

3. The luxury of bold jewel tones

If you’ve moved on from the minimalist era of interior design, styling your apartment with rich jewel tones might be the change you’ve been looking for. These vibrant hues are bound to catch the eye of onlookers and captivate visitors. Even just a touch of emerald green pillowcases or ruby red chesterfield furniture will instantly transform the area to a more chic, elegant, and luxurious feel.

The only catch is that these jewel tones are challenging to incorporate into a design because they are so vibrant. It’s worth noting that jewel tones are bold and look best when coupled with other intense, heavily saturated colors when decorating with them. Choose two or three shades in a space instead of just one to produce high regard of contrast, and pick a neutral color to balance the shades.

These 3 styles are different from each other and depict a person’s unique character and taste. Styling your apartment isn’t a one-time thing, and as you continue with life at your place, you’ll realize it’s a personal discovery as well. So, whatever style you choose, pick one that’s close to your comfort and preference.

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