Snowboards: Choosing the Perfect One for Beginners


You can find many activities to do during the snow season, such as making snowmen in your backyard, snowball fighting, or making snow angels with your family. But you want to make it different this time around, so you plan a trip to the nearest snowy hills and go snowboarding. It is the most fun activity that you can do with your friends and families during the holidays.

During your first time snowboarding, you would usually rent a Snowboard since you do not own one. But after riding it one time, you think of doing it again in the future and plan to buy one of your own. If you are new to purchasing snowboards, you can follow the different expert tips that can help you get the right one.

1. Determining the Snowboard’s Size

The first step to getting your first board is knowing what size will fit your preferences. One technique that many snowboarders tell beginners when choosing their first snowboards is when you place it standing upright, and it hits your chin. It is a good sign that the board is perfect for the rider.

However, you also have to consider many things besides the snowboard’s height, its width. Getting a board with too much width will make transitioning difficult, whereas one lacking width will make it challenging to balance. The best method to measure the snowboard’s width is to wear your boots, place your foot on the board as if you are riding it, and then see if your feet are slightly protruding off the snowboard’s edge.

And if that is not working, you always have the option to experiment with different boards used by your friends or families. Ensure that you do it in a safe part of the snowy hill where you will not get in the way of other snowboarders.

2. Choosing the Snowboard’s Type

After finding out the snowboard’s height and width, the next step is choosing what type you want. There are different things to think about, including the terrain you will be riding, your current skill level, and your other personal preferences. While you can ride different kinds of snowboards, it is still better to own the perfect one.

One type that you need to know about is all-mountain snowboards. As its name suggests, you can ride it on all kinds of snowy terrain and conditions, which is perfect for any rider who only wants to enjoy riding it while pulling off simple tricks here and there. They are also the most versatile out of the many snowboards, which is why many expert snowboarders prefer them for beginners.

But if you are itching to hit the slopes aggressively and pull gnarly snowboarding tricks, you have to choose freestyle snowboards. They have a shorter base to make it easy for snowboarders to pull off tricks. Some snowboards combine the all-mountain and freestyle features, letting you get the best of both worlds.

3. Knowing Your Skill Level

Since you are still a beginner rider, the best chance you can learn how to Snowboard faster is by using wider boards since they let you hold your balance better. You should also stick to snowboards with durable materials like all-mountain ones because you might find yourself through different terrains.

Never forget that choosing the right Snowboard is essential if you want to make your first rides memorable.

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