Southeast Asia’s Top 16 Instagrammable Street Art


Travelers love to tick off their bucket list. One of their main goals is to visit countries with magnificent street arts.

Southeast Asia has the most aesthetic arts seen outside the gallery. Artists take time to paint murals on wall streets, adding beauty to the vicinity.

Street art is an underrated art genre. As it makes a comeback, countries boost it and make sure it is a must-see tourist spot.

It’s no surprise why most travelers opt to have a vacation in Southeast Asian countries. Aside from the cultural experience, they enjoy taking beautiful photographs. It makes their visit more memorable.

Let’s find out Southeast Asia’s Top 16 Instagrammable Street Art. Book your ticket and see the beauty for yourself.


Bonifacio Global City Arts Center, Taguig City

BGC is one of the Instagrammable locations in the Philippines. A whole block displays the jaw-dropping artworks. The decoration stretches up to the large buildings overlooking parking lots and greenery. It’s no wonder it is the most extensive collection of street art in the country.


Aside from the vast array of food and historic sports, Manila is a go-to for art lovers. The long stretch of EDSA offers an undeniable attraction. Art-hunters can see painting even on the narrowest streets.


Georgetown City, Penang Island

Street art in Georgetown has the most famous collections in the country. It sprawls across the area on any imaginable surface. See their street arts from walls to posts. What’s most interesting in Georgetown is how interactive the artworks are. It features real-world objects like bikes and swings. It is definitely an Instagram display picture-worthy.

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown and Klang River have their own collection of street arts. It’s a one-stop spot for local restaurants and a quick pictorial. The restaurant’s walls feature a great taste of street art in the country.

Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca is a district of street art in Malaysia, next to Penang. On top of the walls of commercial buildings and alleys, facades of houses have an artistic touch. Appreciate the lines of colorful residences by riding a river cruise. It is a perfect backdrop of a picturesque photo with a twist.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the leading countries promoting street art in Southeast Asia. It even has an art program named ‘The Mural Project’ at the 15th Jakarta Biennale. It features seven Indonesian mural artists who worked with the same intention. The street art aims to describe how locals survive in each area. That’s why all the works are scattered in different locations around the city.

Ubud, Bali

Canggu is the ultimate quiet escape. Explore the best street art in Indonesia after a great beach time. It exhibits panoramic street art with a religious and animal theme. It covers the span area from the fishing village of Nelayan up to Echo Beach. Not only that, industrial buildings are covered with artworks since Tropica Festival 2017.


Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Alongside it is the unique Thai street art as a tourist attraction. Phuket is rich in street arts that surrounds the island. Artists boast the walls and streets with an intricate masterpiece. Meanwhile, here is our top-recommended company that can surely help you if you are planning to have a Thailand Yacht Party.

Soi Charoenkrung 30

The side street is a home of two monumental, eye-catching masterpieces. The first one, a  fantastic wall carving, is on the Embassy of Portugal’s front wall. It was named ‘Scratching the Surface’ done by Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto. The other one is a stencil work that adorns the building’s entire facade. Italian artists Sten and Lex used the halftone stencil technique to create their unconventional graffiti work.

Pathumwan Sky Walk

Street art in Bangkok is beyond colorful vandalism. The skywalk connecting the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC), Siam Discovery, and MBK is living proof. Mushroom-like installations painted with works are absolutely Instagrammable.

Song Wat Road

In this part of Thailand lies a historical road that boasts three large scale murals done by international artists. Upon entering Wat Pathum Khongkha, you will see Romanian artist Aitch’s pink mural. Walking upon the stretch of the road are two giant artworks. It faces one another overlooking the Chao Phraya River. The left side displays two elephants, while blue bicycles are across. Roan, a Belgian graffiti artist, and Aryz, a Spanish street artist, made it respectively. Taking a trip to this area is like hitting three birds with one stone.

Chalermla Park

A public park transformed into a creative outdoor space through graffiti and murals. Every inch of the walls is artwork by known Thai artists and anonymous ones. It is the first edition of the Bukruk Festival. It is a 10-day project featuring public wall paintings, art exhibitions, artist talks, animation nights, and open-air music festivals. If you want to know more about thai street art, you can simply visit


Kampong Glam, Singapore

Haji Lane in Kampong Glam is one of Singapore’s most authentic and charming spots. It is rich with local eateries, quirky shops, and real-deal arts and culture. The hipster-looking alleyway offers an extensive collection of street arts. Both local and international names expressed their emotions through their creativity.

Aliwal Street

Modern additions to the colorful neighborhood of Kampong Glam is Aliwal Street. A vibrant piece of wall art sits next to the side alley entrance in the Aliwal Arts Center. The street boasts an alpha batik piece with loop colors. It is an eye-catching breath-taking explosion of colors that looks awesome in your Instagram post.


Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan

Ximen, Taipei is famous among the youngsters. It is an absolute place for a photo op on top of the shopping and dining experience. The back alley of Ximen’s street has cool street art. It is suitable for youngsters fond of cool, funky, and hip style.

Wanhua District

Wanhua District has the oldest yet beautiful street art in Taipei. The artworks, restaurants, shopping, and temples are like a complete package. The pretty cool murals are a bonus for your day trip.

Street art in Southeast Asia has a lot to offer. It ranges from the black and white revolutionary art to the colorful and giant murals. Artists lay out their hearts to display all kinds of emotions and visions. Grab the opportunity and take a shot at these outstanding street arts. Make your next holiday break on one of Southeast Asia’s Top 16 Instagrammable Street Art.


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