Sporting Events that Betting Lovers Go Crazy For

Betting and sports have become synonymous in recent decades with sponsorship deals and bookmaker partnerships with leagues and teams throughout world sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran betting expert or novice, sports betting is an excellent way to not only win some money but also inject some excitement for neutrals or back your favourite teams. Nowadays, sports betting can be done online, in person or at the event and has a huge presence, allowing you to bet on almost any sport at any time, it’s no wonder fans aren’t  just watching matches today when there is so much excitement to have alongside it. With so much choice and options, knowing what sporting events to wager on can be difficult. That’s why we have made a list of the sporting events that betting lovers go crazy for, and importantly – why?

The FIFA World Cup

Due to not being a single event, the FIFA World Cup is one of the, if not the biggest betting opportunity in the world, with football being the most popular sport in the world and the World Cup being the most watched event there is. In previous years, such as the 2018 event, over 130 million dollars was generated on bets alone, if that isn’t betting crazy then I don’t know what is.


As one of the biggest and best sporting events every year, the Superbowl is the epitome of American sport. The championship final game in the NFL league season, this event is watched by millions across the globe and year on year is growing in popularity. The 2018 final set a new record for betting on the singular game with over $4.5 billion being wagered and that’s actually only accounting for Americans, so worldwide it is bound to be way more than this. Whilst it can be a good opportunity for people to get involved in betting, this event is also so inflated that many expert bettors either find niches within the game or else will avoid it completely. With its sheer size, entertainment value and popularity, it would be impossible for the Super Bowl not to be on this list as it draws so many people to not only the NFL but to sport in itself and by proxy betting lovers love to wager on it in the hope of winning a good profit.

Fighting Sports

Whether it be boxing or UFC, betting on fighting sports can be a hugely easy and profitable sporting event for bettors to enjoy. They offer short odds, easily predicted outcomes and niche avenues of wagering to explore. The sports have grown in popularity massively over the last few years and as such are now some of the biggest and best sporting events of the year. This has brought not only fans to the sports but also money and betting power. Regardless of this, the nature of fighting sports means you have so many markets to explore and find strong odds for from KO bets to round betting. This allows punters to get more bang for their buck and bash the bookies. As fighting sports grow in popularity, their events are becoming massive yet still niche and betting lovers are, quite rightly, going crazy for it.

Horse Racing

Whilst other sports are linked to sports betting, there is no other sport quite as intrinsically linked to betting as horse racing. Betting and racing are like two peas in a pod. This means the betting markets surrounding the horses are huge and very profitable. As juxtaposed as it may sound, the unpredictability of horse racing is favoured by many betting enthusiasts. This is because bettors can find good odds on outsiders who have a strong chance of winning and provided you do your research, you can win huge in horse racing. Alongside the chance to bet daily and wager money professionally, horse racing provides golden opportunities throughout the year for many novice or casual bettors to have a go at wagering some money on the big races. Whether it be the Kentucky Derby in America or the Grand National in England, the big horse races draw punters in from everywhere. Grandparents and grandchildren on the sofa, office workers sweepstaking or betting enthusiasts who do this year round all chime in to these races in a bid to win some profit from the betting companies. Worth millions and drawing in thousands of punters to the events these two races, specifically, are huge in the horse racing calendar and are the pinnacle of the sport. This allows veterans and beginners alike to revel in a betting wonderland – what better events to go betting crazy?