Stay in tune with changing times by including bold monochromatic patterns in your home and bolstering it with the perfect ac cover


Unabashedly deliberate, eye-catching, and bold, a monochromatic room is the antithesis of timid. To make a wholesome look, you need to match with the right table and chair covers, mirror cover and ac cover.

  • Monochromatic comprises one color or multiple hues of the same color. If you choose a bold color like Kelly Green, Aubergine, or Cobalt Blue, it won’t necessarily have to look monotonous.
  • A blue living room can be so magical and cozy, even if it’s the tiniest space in your house. People retire on the chairs, floors, or sofas, but this room is inviting and warm.
  • You may also prefer a less serious, whimsical and eclectic style. If you like a dash of cheerfulness, your blue walls can have that custom lacquer feel to exude a holiday spirit.

Some apartments have alternating coral and pink walls to make a bold and distinct color statement. You can use similar tones on the rug, lighting fixture, velvet mats, and artwork and upholstered furniture to strengthen the effect.

Some top examples

Contrary to popular perception about monochrome interiors, it doesn’t need to all white, grey, or black décor. It can be inclusive as well. There are various ways in which you can decorate your interiors along the spectrum of color.

  • You can make your meetings more cheerful and engaging in a yellow office.
  • An all-white bedroom can whimsical. Its curtained walls, balloon-shaped racks and lamps, hanging chair, and that fancy air-conditioner can create magic. You need to supplement the product with the perfect ac cover.
  • A deep, blue wall will match your rug, blanket and sofa.
  • A bedroom replete with gray tones can completely refresh you. There are spas in the city that exhibit an-all pink saloon and sauna.
  • Many hotels have a plethora of rooms with Pantone color inspiration. There are many shelters that have extensively black interiors, which include the kitchen.
  • There are LA offices that all-blue kitchens. You will come across many a blue bathroom with murals that exhibit blue tiles.

Creating a monochromatic room

Starting small is the most important step. For monochromatic starters, you can ideally start from bathrooms. They are less difficult than a dining or living room.

  • There are diminutive shapes in a bathroom that accentuate a neat monochromatic scheme. You can use single color for a more calming tone.
  • There are designers that create a master bath in a perfectly cool, green mint hue. You can achieve the famous Italian Villa vibe and feel.
  • Incorporation of too many other shades can make a small room feel crowded. You also need to focus on texture.
  • If your duplex entails as splash of colors from the ceiling to the floor, you need to textural variation to prevent the shades from becoming flat.

Do note that using strong hues is no different than making an all-white space with gray or beige variations. Experts say that the deeper and richer the color, the more inviting and relaxing will be the end result. It’s an imperative to pay minute attention to every single detail.


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