Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

Working in the construction industry is inherently faced with significantly more risk of injury than in other sectors. About 80,000 construction workers each year sustain injuries that range from minor to serious while on duty. However, though construction is one of the riskiest professions, construction workers deserve a safe working environment.

Typically, construction-related injuries are covered under the workers’ compensation laws. In some rare eventualities, construction workers may be forced to sue for personal injury compensation.

As a construction worker, if you’ve sustained injuries in a construction accident, hiring trusted and reputable Construction Accident Attorneys New York can help you get the financial compensation you deserve. Regardless of your situation, here are appropriate approaches through which you may seek proper care and compensation after a construction injury:

1. Seek Medical Attention

After an accident causing injury at a construction site, you should seek medical attention immediately. This is incredibly crucial even when you presume your injuries to be minor. That’s because symptoms of serious injuries often don’t show until several hours or days after the injury is inflicted.

Prompt treatment of your injuries is undoubtedly the most crucial step towards recovery. Your medical records immediately after the construction accident will go a long way to helping you claim compensation or even file a personal injury lawsuit.

2. Notify Your Employer

Once you’ve addressed the immediate health concerns, you can report the construction accident to your employer. Most states have a specific time requirement within which employees should report accidents. Promptly reporting the accident can accelerate the processing of your accident compensation claim, deter unnecessary delays, and validate your claim in the eyes of your employer, the court, and the insurance company.

Remember to put your report of the accident in writing and also ask for a copy. Be specific when you recount what actually happened, including every single detail you can remember. A well-documented report is invaluable in the event a dispute arises.

3. Workers’ Compensation

To be eligible for the workers’ accident compensation, you must file your claim within one year of your accident’s occurrence. Preferably, you should consult a personal injury attorney to assist you in understanding your rights and consequently fight for the appropriate compensation.

The workers’ accident compensation will go a long way in settling your medical bills and account for your lost income opportunity caused by the injury. Presuming that your employer has enrolled in the workers’ compensation insurance, you are entitled to the workers’ compensation if you sustained the injury while on duty, and the injury wasn’t due to your misconduct or drug impairment.


Securing a strong and favorable claim for workers’ accident compensation benefits or personal injury damages can sometimes be challenging. Some employers may try to downplay your claim or even outright refuse to grant your compensation benefits even when the accidental injury may have clearly happened due to inherent workplace negligence. In such cases, you should seek legal representation to aid you in streamlining your claim.