Student Tips To Survive College: How To Convert Your Captured Notes To PDF


For us, college students, finishing our degree is a step closer to reaching our dreams. The process to get there, however, is no longer a joke with all those stressful, caffeinated nights where we are compelled to pull all-nighters. So today, we give you one tip that may save your life and keep you afloat in your path through getting that degree which is converting captured notes or slides to PDF. We know that as you read this, some of you might be skeptical about how this might help you, but when every minute and every second in your university life is in a pinch, you would entertain even the simplest and seemingly unnecessary studying hacks. You might find that the teeniest convenience would contribute to an all-around relief in your journey. With that, here are the steps to converting your captured notes to PDF:

Converting JPG to PDF with online sites like PDFBear

1. Choose a reliable site

A situation that might find you and all other hard-working students out there in this situation is how you all choose to take a picture of your notes and study them as you review them again. Because of the fast-paced and competitive lifestyle in uni, you would just capture what is written on the board or on your book and struggle to do the next task. Soon, you would beat deadlines on deadlines. Reviewing your captured notes via your phone gallery might not be helpful, though. Therefore, some choose to seek JPG to PDF free sites that are guaranteed to be reliable, like PDFBear.

Why PDFBear?


The first thing that you have to ensure when using online sites for your data is its security. With a lot of processes done today, malicious elements are everywhere, looking for the right chance to hack into your system and use your data against you. PDFBear is one of those sites online guaranteed to be trusted. This is because they ensure that the pictures you upload are encrypted with their technology.


For a college student like you who is always on the run, you would need a service that PDFBear offers. This online site ensures that you get fast results with simple procedures. With just a few clicks, you would soon get your PDF file. You can even upload multiple pictures, and PDFBear will convert it to PDF.  It can be great help after you have tried to pay someone to do your homework.


PDFBear suits the lifestyle of not only college students but also career men and women. PDFBear can be accessed via any platform or browser anytime and anywhere you may be.

2. Choose “Select Files…”

Now that you have reached PDFBear, you will be welcomed to a big bar that says, “Select Files”. You would just click that bar and you will soon be redirected to your folders window.

3. Or you can just drag your files

In case you have your files on a separate window ready, PDFBear also has an uploading box where you can just drag your files on it. This will automatically upload your jpg for PDF file conversion. See, it is as easy as 1-2-3!

4. Apply options to your choice

Once have you uploaded your photos, you will be welcomed with other options that will help in making your experience more convenient. There is an icon that allows you to add more photos. You can also choose the page size (e.g. Letter, A4, or Auto), orientation (e.g. Portrait, Landscape, Auto), and margin (e.g. Small Margin, No Margin, Big Margin).

5. Click “Create PDF Now”

You can then click the “Create PDF Now” option once you are satisfied with your customizations. This will allow PDFBear’s system to turn its gears and finally convert your photos for your convenience.

6.  Click Download

Once PDFBear has done its work on your photos and converted them to PDF, you can now download it. This would just take a few seconds. You will also be welcomed with other options such as Share via Email, Copy Link, Merge, Compress, and (convert) To Word. With these many options, you can add a few more tweaks and maximize the benefits of PDFBear.

Try it!

Now that you know one of the life-changing college student hacks that we know of, it is now your turn to try it out yourself! This is best for those who are always on the run and for those who are multitasking. You can organize your notes using PDFBear as you do other tasks you need to accomplish. You can just visit the PDFBear website if you need to convert your pictures to PDF now. PDFBear is not limited to converting photos to PDF. It can also do a lot of things that people in the digital space can use, like converting Word Document to PDF, splitting PDF files, and more!


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