Sustainable Homes and the Benefits They Present


All over Vancouver, people are waking up to realize the significance of building an eco-friendly place to live in. Ultimately, the earth’s deterioration is forcing individuals to take on the individual responsibility of improving the planet.

Adopting a sustainable means of living forms a central part of the grand scheme of things. While building sustainable homes, factors such as eco-friendly materials, minimal grading of land, and the structure’s build quality are all considered.

Sustainable Homes in Vancouver

The city’s goal- Vancouver- requires all buildings constructed from 2020 onward to be carbon neutral in all their operations. To accomplish this, the city expanded its ambitious Green Landlord Programs and launched a Green Condominium as part of the 2020 goals.

There are limitless benefits to building green, which has led to nearly 16% of the city’s home developers adopting sustainable building methods. They include:

Save Money

Undoubtedly, one of the leading benefits of living in an energy-efficient home is savings. By using less water and energy, owners can enjoy significant cuts in the cost of bills. To top it all off, most sustainable materials tend to cost less than traditional alternatives.

Because the materials are renewable resources and are easily produced, most developers increasingly prefer using such materials as they have a better ROI and lower upfront costs.

Improved Health

Most green homes take advantage of non-toxic, non-polluting materials. The result is that during the construction phase, less toxic waste is released into the environment. Moreover, purer ventilation systems feature in green construction; therefore, the air is cleaner.

This is achieved by not recycling the same indoor stale air. Instead, fresh, clean outside air is continuously brought into the home, promoting a healthier living environment.

Pushes For Innovation

Across every sector and industry, you are bound to find monopolies. Thanks to having things done the same way over the years, there is little to no drive for innovation and improvement.

On the other hand, with the sustainable movement, people are forced to innovate and be creative.

In turn, this has bolstered the creation of a path for an influx of new techniques, processes, materials, solutions, etc. Ultimately, this has brought to light creative individuals who would have otherwise drowned in the old world.

Widely Accessible and Available

Like with most ground-breaking developments, initially, they are thought of as impossible. Nothing but a fantasy. However, thanks to bold character- both in government and private sectors- sustainable homes are no longer a thing of the imagination but reality.

Not just that, most discerning home buyers are demanding greener buildings and homes. In turn, this has spanned new systems, materials, and furnishings to support these green practices. Today, nearly any aspect of construction has a sustainable alternative.


Building green means the quality of the structures last longer than their conventional counterparts. This means such buildings require fewer maintenance practices and have lower replacement costs.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you sustainable homes are the future- they are here to stay! Hopefully, as the green movement gains momentum, we can reverse the adverse effects we’ve made and survive as a species.

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