Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2000s

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The 2000s: started with the Y2K hype, the iPod and MP3 revolution, the rise of Hip-hop, the advent of social frenzy, and many other pop trends. The opening decade of the new millennium had its own trove of fads that made it iconic. Despite such, we have to be honest that the … Read more

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2010s

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2010s

Thinking about the 2000s may bring you memories of the Harlem Shake, Vine, and the Flappy Bird. While it may seem fun, the decade saw one of the worst entrances in history, facing the impacts of the Great Recession, Wall Street bailout, and housing crash from the previous decade. Interior designing wasn’t … Read more

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 70s

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 70s

Interior design styles during the ‘70s were cheery and pleasing. Thanks to its assemblage of wonderful decorating trends ranging featuring shag carpeting, use of earthy tones to campy colors, and the iconic prints, it brought fun into the homes during one of the most tumultuous decades in history. In this post, let’s … Read more

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 60s

Popular Interior Design Styles of the 60s

The Sixties were a period of massive, unprecedented change. During the era, people witnessed the moon landing, experienced Beatlemania, saw the rise of the miniskirts, bikinis, and other cataclysms in the world’s political, cultural, social, fashion, and entertainment landscape that helped shape the many aspects of everyday living. Interior design was no … Read more

How To Design A Japanese Bedroom You’ll Love

How To Design A Japanese Bedroom You'll Love

When it comes to trending bedroom design, nothing has taken the interior design world by storm quite like the Japanese bedroom. The Japanese approach to bedroom decor has become increasingly popular thanks to its pared back, minimalist approach to design. Organizing your bedroom with a new decor approach can be a great way … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Casinos in the World

Playing casino games is one of the most fun activities for many people. In the present time, with the advancement of technology, people can now play casino games online. It’s because there are now lots of online casino sites, like bobcasino, that offers many fun games that you can play anywhere you … Read more

New York’s Design And Architectural Evolution

The Times Square District in New York City

As we progressed through the ages, so did everything around us. Man has the unique capability to terraform his surroundings to his liking, and thus the concept of a city was born. Naturally, every city in the world has seen itself change and adapt to some degree. Some of these changes and … Read more

Top 10 Famous New York City Based Fashion Designers

Tory Burch

Fashion is an ever-changing part of daily life. All past eras can be recognized because of the distinct look people had back then. Clothing and its design has evolved along with mankind, and has almost always taken inspiration from current events and societal norms. As such, fashion designers have always been sought … Read more

Best New York Interior Design Schools

Interior design is a passion for many students; it’s a way to express your inner creativity and also see people benefiting from your talents. Unfortunately, the choices for interior design programs are limited in variety, so students may not have much choice in this area. However, New York still has quite a … Read more