Learn More About Fashion Designer Catherine Holstein

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Catherine Holstein is a well-known fashion designer and owner of the label Khaite. She gained recognition due to her thesis, which was picked by Julie Gilhart. From there on, she went on to create her own brand that was launched in 2016. Since the launch of her brand, she has gained immense … Read more

Learn More About Fashion Designer Tory Burch

Tory Burch in India

Tory Burch is a talented fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist who has successfully made her name in the fashion industry. She has won many awards for the designs that she has produced over the years. Tory Burch’s brand and Foundation have skyrocketed so much that Forbes has estimated that she was a … Read more

Learn More About Fashion Designer Donna Karan

Donna Karan at the Vanity Fair party for the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Donna Karan, also known as DK, is a well-known fashion designer in the New York sphere. She is the creator of the brand Donna Karan New York, which is more commonly known as DKNY. A daughter in an influential family has its perks, and Karan took full advantage of it as she … Read more

The History of Michael Kors

The History of Michael Kors

A powerhouse in the world of fashion, Michael Kors is a luxury brand that produces some of the industry’s most sophisticated, high-quality ready-to-wear pieces. From apparel, accessories, footwear to bags, their products exude excellent craftsmanship, enabling the company to establish its presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Here, let’s discover more about … Read more

Top 10 Famous New York City Based Fashion Designers

Tory Burch

Fashion is an ever-changing part of daily life. All past eras can be recognized because of the distinct look people had back then. Clothing and its design has evolved along with mankind, and has almost always taken inspiration from current events and societal norms. As such, fashion designers have always been sought … Read more