The Best Content Writing & Editing Tools You Need to Have

So many people ask, why is content marketing important? And why do search engines emphasize content? Well, this is a loaded question and worth answering.

To put it simply, content marketing is the art of magnetizing the target audience to engage with your brand. It is the most cost-effective and sustainable type of marketing that nurtures your audience to build their trust and drive sales.

And in that, the content is the essence of content marketing. A well-planned and executed content, which is void of any error is the mark of good content. So, when you hear marketers saying that you need good content on your website and landing pages, they mean correct, accurate, and meaningful content.

Therefore, a lot of work has to be done in advance and post-creation to prune the content to the highest standards. Having said that, we have brought you some of the best tools, which will offload the burden of creating ‘the perfect content’, and help you do it in a snap of fingers.

But before we cruise you through the tools, it is essential to note that in order to use these tools and make the most of them, you would need your content creation device to be connected to a stable internet. So, before you get your heads up on content, you have got to ensure good connectivity.

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Anyway, if you are ready, here is a list of a handful of tools you must have at your disposal:

1. Grammarly

Ask any content marketer, the first tool or application that they would suggest for content editing is Grammarly. Grammarly is a comprehensive editing tool that allows you to fix all errors in your text in just one run.

You may either use it on the browser, download the app on your device, or download an add-on for your MS Word to fix the issues, all while writing your content. This tool can be used for free, which allows you to correct spelling mistakes and punctuation.

The paid version, however, is powerful, and it enables you to check plagiarism, see readability scores, and correct advanced grammar mistakes. Also, you can set your goals according to your content, enabling the tool to check your content pertaining to the standards you have set for it. So, Grammarly is a must-have tool for every content creator.

2. Hemmingway Editor

Google’s algorithm for ranking sites includes a pointer where it says that the content must be clear, accurate, and useful. Now, if you wish to make your content clear and concise, you have to draft it in a way that is understood by just anyone. And the problem is that not everyone can write simple yet comprehensive content.

But there is nothing to worry about when you have Hemmingway Editor. This super powerful tool enables you to remove all the complex terms and phrases that make your content hard to read. It offers a free web version and a paid one for Mac and Windows.

3. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

No surprises here; the headline is the crunch line of any content. It has the potential to catch the interest of the reader and lure him into reading the whole content. So, it is completely worth it to spend ample time writing a crowd-pulling headline for your blogs.

In that regard, CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer can help you out. This tool will score your headline and rates its ability to drive traffic, social share, and SEO value.

4. Blog Post Templets

When you run out of ideas to structure and formulate your blog posts, you can consult Blog Post Templates. Here, you can get outlines of effective how-to, new jack listicles, and all other sorts of blog posts. Use this tool to save time and nail your articles!

5. Ginger

Write your content and run through Ginger, and it will make sure your content does not have any mistakes. It offers grammar and spelling checks, and it fixes punctuation errors as well. Moreover, its AI-powered writing assistant will auto-correct the mistakes, suggest synonyms, and even rephrase the statements.

Bottom Line

That’s it! The tools that you must have as a writer to write killer blog posts that gauge the readers while serving your SEO goals!