The best kind of TV to watch before bed


Before you go to bed, it makes sense to do something relaxing that helps you to fall asleep. A lot of people like to watch television. However, you need to make sure that you choose a TV show or movie with care. Some television shows will make your brain more alert, which naturally makes it more difficult to fall asleep. So, what is the best kind of television to watch before you drift off?

Watch a comedy film before you go to sleep

Online casino Betway recently conducted research to find out how people should be spending their evenings before they go to sleep. Watching a comedy film ranked highly on the list. Here’s an extract from their findings:

“Watching a funny film before bed ranks in third place as the best activity for good sleep, with an overall score of 8.74. Respondents who watched a comedy spent just 14 minutes awake per night (equal to doing a facemask), and their sleep quality was rated at 87%. The average amount of time spent sleeping after watching a comedy was eight hours and 11 minutes.”

Stay away from true crime and horror movies

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that you should stay away from true crime and horror films. In Betway’s study, they concluded that people who watch horror films before they go to bed score an average sleep score of 65%. For those who watch true crime, this score is only a tiny bit better at 68%. So, you’ll want to stay away from anything like this if you’re planning on going to sleep any time soon.

Not only can horror films and true crime stories be frightening, but they often stay on your mind for quite a while after the show has ended, making it difficult to shut off and go to sleep.

Select a show that won’t set off intense emotions

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose something easy to watch and won’t set off strong emotions. Shows like The Office and Friends are good to watch before bed. These sorts of television shows are light-hearted, and nothing is going to happen that’s going to cause you to stay awake mulling over the episode. You’ll want to stay away from anything that’s going to enrage you or pull on your heartstrings. Cooking shows aren’t ideal either, as they may tempt you to go and get a midnight snack.

Choose a TV show with care to get the best possible night’s sleep

So there you have it: some of the best television shows and movies to watch for a good night’s sleep. Your choice of bedtime activity is critical in making sure you not only drift off to sleep with ease but get a good quality of sleep as well. If you choose one of the types of television shows or films we’ve mentioned above, we’re sure you’ll find it a lot easier to drift off and get the restful night’s slumber you need.




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