The Best Living Room Sets for Tiny Apartments


Size isn’t everything. As it turns out, for furniture, in particular, it’s often a style that makes a difference. The design of certain living room sets makes them a great option for small—let’s be honest, closet-sized—apartments.

Because these furniture sets tend to be composed of smaller individual pieces of furniture, they are not only easy to rearrange within a small or awkwardly shaped room, but they also create an illusion of larger space. The gaps between smaller pieces of furniture, especially sleek and less bulky designs, help a space feel more open and therefore larger than it really is.

Part of what helps make this impression even more successful is keeping that floorspace visible; namely, tucking odds and ends out of the way and relying on the set to create a tone for the entire room. Of course, if the set happens to be setting a slightly different tone than you envisioned, a few accessories are often enough to shift it in another direction. It’s also relatively simple to find something to match your style from the huge variety of living room furniture sets online.

Exposed legs are another way to fool the senses. Because they cover less of the floor, the visual floor space is larger and, by extension, the room itself feels larger, too. This illusion goes even further in furniture designed to occupy less physical space. For example, wicker and even clear plastic chairs that allow some light to pass through them seem to take up less space, even if their physical footprint is larger than that of other padded furniture!

One of the advantages of sets, especially for apartments, is that they are—by definition—already a set. That is, they match and create cohesion within a room. Because of this, a living area tends to require fewer furniture items total to feel complete. This enables you to focus on just one or two additional elements that can serve as accent pieces. They might be works of art or accessories like area rugs. Even large plants can make a great focal point for a room.

In terms of color, too, living room sets provide a distinct advantage for apartment dwellers. No matter whether solid color or pattern, a furniture set’s color palette generally leans either dark or light. This doesn’t necessarily mean black or white, however. Even a dark green can give more of a sense of weight and shadow than a lighter grey, for instance. When choosing colors for apartment furniture, it’s important to focus on light, both literally and in terms of color tint.

Neutrals and whites keep a room brighter, which the brain translates as a bigger, more open space than one that is full of darker colors. Don’t be afraid of color, too! Bright pops of color pull a life into a small space and help make it feel vibrant rather than cluttered. Be careful, however, since color can quickly get out of control. Using more than a few bright colors within a single room may make it feel disorganized or cluttered. That said, follow your heart. A riot of color might just work for you.



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