The Best Tips For New York City Tour For Students


New York City is one of the hottest destinations to tour, especially for students.

It can be overwhelming to plan an itinerary in a city filled with so many tourist attractions, food spots and beautiful buildings.

Finding your way through NYC as a beginner can be daunting, especially with the traffic and crowd.

Many students tend to make a lot of traveling mistakes which end up costing them a ton of money and time.

Let us go through a few NYC tour tips.

Learn How To Use Public Transport

Public transport is an excellent way for students to explore NYC without breaking the bank.

Taking a taxi or Uber to each destination is not exactly pocket friendly. You can travel to all the popular destinations with the help of the NYC subway system

Invest in a MetroCard if you are going to be traveling the entire week or month. With the unlimited card, you will save a lot more money since you can take as many trips as you want within a specific time period.

You can also use public buses to get to destinations where the trains don’t go. They accept the MetroCard as well.

The base subway and bus charge is $2.75 for a single trip.

Explore The Entire City

We often see places like Central Park and the Empire State Building featured in popular shows and movies.

However, there are so many other beautiful places which you should visit on your trip to New York. Don’t stick to a single location.

Take a ferry to Staten Island, book tickets for the One World Observatory, take a stroll down Wall Street, explore the Rockefeller Center and visit Lower Manhattan.

Plan a detailed itinerary that will let you cover as many places as possible in the time you have.

Check the bus and subway routes and be strategic with the destinations you choose to visit.

Many students visit NYC on study or educational tours where they have to do a study on different places to study or write about them. If you have too many writing assignments to finish, find someone to write your paper online.

Food In NYC

Avoid chain restaurants at all costs.

When you are visiting NYC, you must taste authentic cuisines, explore local markets and visit food stalls that are found only in this city.

Some of the hottest food destinations in NYC include Sunny and Annie Deli, Gray’s Papaya for hotdogs, Little Collins for coffee and Lucali’s for authentic pizza.

Apart from this, don’t forget to visit the food streets and eat like a local!

Don’t Stop Walking!

This seems like a rather strange tip but New York is one busy city.

You will be walking on busy sidewalks with a crowd of people. It is important to keep walking because stopping can serve as a traffic block to the people who are moving behind you.

This also applies when you are walking on the streets and crossing!

If you need to stop, move off to an isolated corner where there is no crowd.

Hostels Are Your Friends

With a student budget, it is hard to find affordable accommodation, especially in NYC.

Although there are affordable hotels, it can take a bit of digging and they might not be located in your preferred destination.

Hostels are the more affordable alternative and you can find good ones in prime spots.

There are several websites where you can find hostels and book your stay.

Document Everything

You will make a lot of memories in NYC so don’t forget to document them.

Take pictures with your phone or compact camera if you have one. Later on, you can take prints and hang them on your wall or stick it in your travel album.

You can consider journaling on your trip as well.


Make sure you get your tips from someone who is from New York or has traveled to the city.

Get recommendations about food places and accommodation along with the available options for public transport.

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