The Best Universities For Foreign Students To Study In New York

Studying in New York for Students From Foreign Countries

New York is fantastic, especially for international students. In 2019, over 124,000 international students studied in New York universities. The US tertiary education will help you discover your talents due to hundreds of academic programs. You can connect your career to academic writing as a recognizable essay writer to help other students or become a marketing expert.

Or, you can dive deep into science and become the second Albert Einstein one day. Getting a degree can get tough but if you’re thinking “I need someone to help me write my thesis” there are always services you can rely on. Anyway, first you’ll need to pick the place to get a degree at. Just like the guys who do honest EssayWritingService reviews, we’ve done the research for you. Today, we will take a closer look at the best universities in the state of New York, where you will receive a well-rounded education, meet new friends, and lay the foundation for a successful future career.

1. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the fifth-oldest educational institutions in the United States. Established in 1754, it is the oldest in New York and ranked 5th among the USA’s 100 best universities. According to QS World University Rankings, Columbia University’s learning reputation is evaluated 96.8/100. Columbia University provides over 6,000 courses and 383 areas of study, from arts and business to law and science.

Campus and Locations

Columbia University’s campus is located on the upper west side of Manhattan. It consists of 71 buildings and occupies 36 acres of picturesque locations. The Low Memorial Library is one of the university’s landmarks. Its design was inspired by ancient Roman architecture, so its massive columns will become a fascinating location for your first photography session at this university. Over 90% of students live on campus due to luxurious housing services.

Tuition Costs

Although the tuition costs at Columbia University are much higher compared to other institutions, the quality of education is totally worth the prices. The total tuition cost is $75,750 per year for both American and international students.

2. Cornell University

Cornell University was founded in 1865. Today, it is among the top universities in the world, ranked 18th according to QS World University Rankings. The educational experience is evaluated on the rate of 98.5/100, which is a little higher compared to Columbia University. Cornell University provides 4,000 courses within 100 fields of study.

Campus and Locations

Cornell University’s campus is three times larger than the state of Rhode Island. With the total area of 2,300 acres, it has everything students need, from dining and residence halls, libraries, and museums to sports facilities and laboratories. Besides, there is an adjacent 2,800-acre botanic garden. Situated in the hill facing the picturesque lakes and valleys, this University resembles Hogwarts. Over 50% of students live in comfortable, spacious dormitories.

Tuition Costs

You will pay $77,800 in total for a year of studying. You can also receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants, which will help you reduce the total expenses. Nevertheless, only 0.3% of all students receive such assistance. Yet, the costs are worth the education quality. Besides, you can visit this site for different scholarship programs, .i.e philosophy scholarships, chemistry scholarships, business scholarships, biology scholarships, and the list goes on.

3. Stony Brooks University

Stony Brooks University is a part of the State University of New York established in 1957. According to QS World University Rankings, it belongs to 1% of the world’s best universities. It is positioned as #373 and has an overall score of 29.2. As for education for international students, the Stony Brooks University is evaluated 72/100. It provides more than 200 undergraduate programs.

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Campus and Locations

The main campus is the center of student life, with plenty of academic buildings, dining and residence halls, athletic facilities, and libraries. There are lots of green areas as well. Besides, the university uses 246 acres for research and development purposes. The Research and Development Park is located a mile away from the main campus. The university offers many activities for students, and you can join 400 student clubs to test your talents.

Tuition Costs

Stony Brooks University is one of the most affordable universities in New York, offering almost two times cheaper tuition compared to other institutions. International students will pay $43,700 for the years 2020-2021. Besides, you have a relatively high chance of receiving financial help since Stony Brooks University rewards over 70% of students with scholarships and grants. Thus, it is more than a suitable university for international students on a limited budget.

4. New York University

New York University

New York University was founded in 1831. It is the USA’s largest research-focused institution, according to It is ranked 35th in the QS World University Rankings and evaluated 95.8/100 in terms of academic reputation. As for research activity, this institution is ranked first in the US. Thus, it is highly suitable for students aiming at a scientific career. NYU offers over 400 academic programs. Also, it provides a comfortable learning environment for foreigners. Due to this, over 15,000 of NYU students come from different corners of the globe.

Campus and Locations

The main NYU campus is located around Washington Square Park and comprises 171 buildings, including sports facilities, residence and dining halls, and a large theater. Gould Plaza and Bobst Library are some of the most prominent NYU buildings. The Bobst Library is one of the largest in the US, offering 2,000 seats and more than 4 million books.

The Brooklyn campus is the center of scientific life at NYU. It is located near the Brooklyn Bridge and hosts engineering, research, medical, and cultural facilities.

Tuition Costs

You will pay around $73,000 yearly for tuition, housing, dining service, transportation, and other expenses in total.

5. University of Rochester

Founded in 1796, the University of Rochester is almost as old as Columbia University. It is positioned #166 in QS World University Rankings and has an overall score of 46.8. It strongly emphasizes research activities, being 68th in the US by investment in science, according to the National Science Foundation.

As for the quality of education for international students, the University of Rochester is graded 92.9/100. Thus, it is one of the best universities in New York for international students if you aim at starting a scientific career. Over 30% of the students are foreigners. Besides, this university is known for a very healthy educational environment with attentive and helpful professors. It offers more than 200 academic programs in arts and sciences.

Campus and Locations

The Rochester University’s main campus is separated from downtown Rochester by the bend in the Genesee River. The River Campus is 154 acres in size, featuring libraries, galleries, academic buildings, athletics facilities, dining and residence halls, and a chapel.

Tuition Costs

A year of studying will cost $78,000, including tuition, accommodation, transportation, and other expenses.

Final Thoughts

New York provides education of exceptional quality, and many people dream of studying in NY universities. If your parents can provide you with such an opportunity, use it to the fullest. New York does not forgive procrastination and laziness. Study hard since knowledge is your ticket to a happy, prosperous life.