The Best Ways to Avoid Automobile Accidents According to A Lawyer


Let’s face it: accidents happen, and when they do they may result in injuries, costly car repairs as well as increasing your insurance premiums. But do you know that 90 percent of automobile accidents are avoidable?

Nothing would be greater than seeing fewer people in automobile crashes. And no one wants to get into a car crash. Of course not. Car crashes result in terrifying experiences like severe injuries and loss of life.

The best way to avoid these experiences is to take necessary precautions to prevent the accident in the first place. Here are the best ways to prevent an automobile accident, right from a Brooklyn car accident lawyer.

Automobile crashes take a huge toll on your physical and mental health. Whereas not all accidents are fatal, the effects of the crash may linger for years.

1. Avoid Aggressive Driving

At times, the simple answers are often the best. The case here is no different. To avoid a car crash: slow down, exercise caution, and avoid aggressive driving.

The truth is, aggressive driving is responsible for many car crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 65 percent of car accident fatalities are caused by road rage.

The good thing, aggressive driving is a state of mind, and the driver can control it. That’s because you have total control over your emotional state.

2. Service Your Vehicle

Servicing your vehicle may make the difference between a safe drive to your destination and a severe car accident. Your tires, brakes, alignment, and windshield wipers are some of the features worth checking and repairing to avoid a car crash.

And yes, regular maintenance checks and regular oil changes may make a big difference.

3. Be Focused

Yes, driving and texting kill. According to the National Safety Council, using a mobile phone while driving contributes to over 1.6 million car crashes every year. Therefore, put down that mobile phone and concentrate on the road.

However, for most drivers, driving is like second nature to them, a routine behavior they undertake daily. For instance, one can drive to work, grocery stores, or visit their relatives. As the result, drivers get a false sense of safety leading to complacency.

4. Drive Defensively

Defensive driving plays a vital role in avoiding car crashes. Here, you anticipate danger on the road and thus react to it on time to avoid a crash.

And yes, defensive driving is a vital skill that can help prevent a crash. Here are the best ways to drive defensively

  • Avoid tailgating other vehicles
  • Don’t drive in another driver’s blind spot
  • Check your mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes
  • Leave enough distance for the drivers to the side and in front of you
  • Avoid speeding

Further, you need to increase your awareness when driving at night. The reason, you’re three times more likely to get into an accident at night.

5. Be Sober

Most people spend more time on the road from 4 PM to 7 PM daily also known as the rush hour. Unfortunately, this is also the most dangerous time to be on the road. The reason, drivers are frustrated, hungry, tired, and distracted. All these are recipes for a car crash.

When driving, ensure that you are sober, alert, and well-rested. Also, pay attention to any signs of fatigue and be honest with yourself. If you feel you’re tired full over, get a safe place and rest. Your safety and that of other road users are not worth getting home or at work 30 minutes early.


The best ways to prevent car crashes are simple and drivers can implement them without much difficulty. However, if you get into an accident, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced car attorney in Brooklyn to safeguard your interests.


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