The Four most popular types of online football betting

Since the 1960s, online football betting has advanced a lot. After that, the law allowed only types of pool bets and minimal choice of singles. But, online betting opportunities are available and can be narrated as startling nowadays. And such as บาคาร่า, there are also so many online football betting sites.

Currently, there are lots of several types of online แทงบอล. Depending on what strategies you apply, you don’t constrainedly use all the different types. But it will be effective if you learn at least something about each. But, it’s hard to know each of these meanings and how they work. Fortunately, we are here to know you about the four most popular types of online football betting. And we thoroughly explain all the essential terms about these.

Point spread

Point spread betting is the most popular form that’s used to build up a 50/50 betting proposition. For sportsbook operators, sometimes point spread is known as an equalizer. To risk money on both teams, the point spread gives bettors a reason. In the point spread, the better team is the favourite. By the point spread, they have to win, which is offered by the sportsbook. This team is enlisted as being minus (-).

Underdog is the name of the worst team. The bettors win if underdog teams directly win the game or lose by a small amount rather than the point spread. This team is enlisted as being plus (+).

For example, in a football match between the Indianapolis and the Colts San Diego Chargers, a bookmaker may offer the following point spread.

Colts vs Chargers



Point spread





The chargers need to win four points or more to make a bet successful. On the other hand, if the colts beat the game or lose by 3 points or less, the bet on them will be successful.


In online football betting, the totals bet the most straightforward bet known as over/under bets. In totals, it doesn’t matter who win or lose the game. It’s all about the expected totals scored by both for the number of goals.

For example, the bookmaker set the total set at 49.50 in the mentioned match between the Colts and the Chargers. Then you have to determine whether to bet on the under or the over. If the two teams combined score is 50 or higher, an over bettor will win. If the two teams combined score is 49 or less, an under bettor will win.


Moneyline betting is easy to understand, and for new football bettors, it’s a great start. Even non-gamblers bet on the money line. Bettors select a team or player to win. Sportsbook will pay the due amount if the bettor picks the winning party.

On the Moneyline, the expected winning team is the favourite. The favourite team is enlisted with a minus (-) sign. On the other hand, the predicted losing team is the underdog. The underdog team is enrolled with a plus (+) sign. These signs refer to how both parties will pay. The plus side bettors will wage more than the original gambler, while the minus side bettors will wage less than an actual gambler.


The short form of a proposition is props, which are bet on results that are fixed during a football match. But it is not constrainedly outright related to the final results. Such as,

  • The field goals kicked numbers.
  • The first team to score.
  • The longest touchdown distance.

Of a few props, these are a scanty selection. Particularly on high profile matches, most bookmakers provide dozens of alternatives. Prop bets for online football betting are bets on a specific event or an individual player. However, most of the sportsbook’s prop bets are on individual players and not the whole team during the game.

Well, there you have the four most popular types of online football betting. And now you know how to play these. So, take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra cash to your pocket.