The International 12: Looking Ahead To The Next Location

With the end of The International 11, the Dota 2 fans have already started thinking about the next possible location for the major event of the 2023 season. A growing number of sources have stated that TI12 could be held in Seattle after five years of traveling around the world.

However, at the moment of writing this article, it still remains unclear if Seattle expects to play host for the MOBA tournament. Valve hasn’t revealed it during the TI11. So, it will be either announced during the DPC 2023 or it will be known later. Look at GG BET dota 2 to see any updates based on how the next DPC season will be unfolding. That said, with TI 2022, the organizers didn’t announce the venue until the month of May.

The United States & The Internationals

Even though the first edition of TI originally started in Cologne in 2011, the United States had a great weight because it hosted all editions from 2012 to 2018. So, before the internationalization, the tournament was played on American soil, including five consecutive years in North America (Seattle). The last time an edition was held in America was in 2018, when IT began its international tour starting in Vancouver, Canada.

Although the United States was the home of the event for many years, the country missed the time of OG’s domination with its two consecutive victories. That was one of the reasons why TI has passed through China, Romania and Singapore within the last four years. Looking ahead to 2023, there are rumors that would mark the return of the most important MOBA championship to the United States five years later – in Seattle.

TI12 Returns to Seattle

Seattle is one of the most important cities on the west coast of America and the capital of the state of Washington. The city is a strategic place due to its proximity to Canada. As mentioned above, it has a great importance with Dota 2 since the greatest thickness of editions of TI has been disputed there. Looking ahead to the next location, The Aegis could return to its home, as rumors suggest that The International 12 will be held in Seattle, USA.

This, however, didn’t come from an official source and should be taken with a grain of salt. It leads to a lot of speculation and gives rise to different sorts of rumors. But if it is true, The International’s most likely venue would be Key Arena or Amazon Arena.

The Rise of South American Dota 2 Teams

The rise of South American Dota 2 makes for a good argument to hold the next tournament there. With TI11, two teams from that region finished in the top eight for the first time in history.

Thunder Awaken

The first SA team was Thunder Awaken, who made it into the top eight into The International 2022’s rankings. They came first in the qualifier events with some really convincing wins against the likes of Infamous and Tempest. Thunder Awaken performed well in the Group Stage (3th place) and then managed to get into the top eight of the main event’s standings, right after PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Liquid, Secret, and Tundra Esports. By contrast, they ranked 17th in The International 2021.


Another SA team that managed to make a Cinderella run in the latest major Dota 2 event held in Singapore. BC came seventh in the main event of The International 11, with some important victories against Hokori (1-0) and Evil Geniuses (2-0), among others.

The squad, made up of K1, DarkMago, Sacred, Scofield, and Stinger were looking sharper than ever. That’s the one of the reasons why these guys managed to climb to 7th place this year compared to 15th place of the previous season.

Wrapping Up on The Location Announcement

At the moment, Valve does not have a set date to officially announce all these details. This leads to a lot of speculation and gives rise to rumors, such as the return of the most important Dota 2 tournament to the United States five years later.

And the rise of South American teams in TI11 makes for a good reason to hold the tournament in Seattle. However, it is worth noting that no one could have known how successful SA teams would be before the event. So, the question remains: will Valve consider Seattle to play host for the next MOBA tournament? Now, it remains to wait for an official response from the organizers.