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Men and hats go a long way! It has been an integral aspect of their attire. There have been times when men flaunted the old-school hats with a new twist. A hat acts both as a fashion accessory and a functional dressing piece that saves them from the heat, hail, rain, and harsh elements. For some men, their hats are an essential part of the wardrobe.

Over time, before you tumble on questions like How much does embroidery cost per item on hat, there have been several trends in hats but one of the trendiest all over the world is the use of custom hats. Some of the latest trends that are popular include:

1. Bowler

The Bowler hat is reminiscent of the British style, and it got adorned by well-known names like John Cleese, Charlie Chaplin, and Curly Howard. The hat is a sturdy one with a narrow brim and got known as a derby. It was one of the choicest hats for the working, middle and upper-class, but not everyone wore it casually. If you want to sport this hat, you can wear it with your tailored pants, double-breasted suit, a vintage Corvette, and dress shoes. If you can pull off a British accent, that a bonus!

2. Baseball cap

From the dad hats to the snapbacks, there are many variations of the baseball cap! However, you can’t go past a classic. The baseball caps were used mainly as a five-panel cap with a manageable strap and got worn with the baseball team uniforms. Today, it has come back to style just like new age sportswear. It is one of the best street styles for celebrities and stars. Today, this hat has moved to an iconic level and can get paired with cool attire designs.

3. Leather cowboy hats

Men’s cowboy hats always had something rustic and casual about them! These hats come with a laid-back attitude and get along well with a pair of boot-cut denim and checked shirts. Today, the best hat makers can customize a cowboy hat according to your style and choice. The best cowboy hats are the ones that have a faded look and comes with a distinct character other than fashion. To know more about this, you can check out

4. Flat cap

This hat type is famous amongst the television characters and celebrities! The flat caps have humble roots. Initially, it got worn by the farmers and the chimney sweepers. The flat caps usually get made of tweed, cotton, and wool. And for extra comfort and warmth, these caps with a stiff-brim are lined. You look best when you pair this hat with casual and smart attire.

5. Bucket hat

The 90s bucket hat has made a comeback in men’s fashion! It has gained much prominence with the skater and musical subcultures. Initially, the fishermen got worn, and today it has reached a new height in style and fashion. The bucket hat gets made using high-end cotton fabric, like wool, canvas, or denim. The brim is downward sloping and takes the shape of an inverted bucket. It was a popular street style for years and is apt when you are attempting to create a laid-back and casual urban look. You can pair this gat with a jersey or a bomber jacket.

6. Beanie

Beanies got used as a winter hat, and today has become a timeless fashion trend for men. You might not want to wear one during mid-summer, you sure can flaunt one between winter to spring. You can pair it up with many styles, from sleek to streetwear. The knitted hat can keep your head warm and your style in the right place. From the hefty knitted winter wears to the fashionable slouchy pieces, the beanies have a versatile manner. It’s a smart call to opt-in for one that’s made with a thin material and in a neutral tone like grey or navy.

7. Trapper

The retro, stylish and warm trapper hats need to be a must-have on your list. Composed of sheepskin suede and leather trim, these hats are available in a mix of faux and real fur choices. The new-age versions of the trapper hats are available in a host of corduroy, plaids, and multiple waterproof materials. The hats are all your adventure and apt for outdoors. You can pair it up with a flannelette shirt and blue denim.

8. Boater

The boater is yet another hat trend that is popular with men’s headwear. It is a stiff straw hat with a grosgrain ribbon around the crown, which was highly popular in the 20th century. It often gets adorned by the period dramas and barbershop quartets, and it is now a rare sight. If you want to up your summer fashion scene, then opting for the boat hat is a good option. It is an excellent alternative to the Fedora or the Panama hat. These hats with a wide-brim and a flat top are making a comeback.

These are a few of the men’s hats that are on the fashion trends list currently! You can browse through the options and choose the one you like best. And if you are a man who usually rides a motorcycle, you can use this guide to find the best motorcycle jacket for you.

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