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Being a student is not easy, and challenges start even before you officially attend an educational establishment. Because the first thing you have to do to become a student is to select a dream college, however, it is not an easy task; we recommend you to narrow the area of searches and concentrate on the particular region or city. If you were considering enrolling in one of the colleges in New York, you would be interested in the article below.

Columbia University

The top of our list belongs to the world-known and desired educational establishment, Columbia University. Being a private institution, this establishment is among the oldest in the city. Columbia University was founded in 1754. The university was ranked among the best in many ratings. The annual cost of studies at Columbia University is around USD 64,000. Columbia consists of various undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools. Each of those schools is concentrated on a particular area of study. There are highly ranked College of Physicians and Surgeons, Law School, Business schools, and others. There are several campuses located in various city areas. The main campus is not far from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Columbia University administers the Pulitzer Prizes.

New York University

Another highly ranked educational establishment in New York is a famous New York University. The impressive list of alumni and numerous effective academic programs make the university stand out. The total cost for annual enrollment at New York University is about USD 53,000. Founded in 1831, NYU is now among the most prominent universities on the territory of the United States. One of the most interesting facts about this educational establishment is that it has a Quidditch team that is a world champion. New York University’s main campus is situated in Greenwich Village, not far from Manhattan.

Fordham University

Fordham University, founded in 1841, has one of the biggest campuses. The cost for annual studies is about USD 55,000. There is a strong alumni community and vital research facilities in this university. The amount of active student organizations of Fordham University is vast. There are several expansive campuses located in various parts of the city, and there is special transportation arranged for students to travel between campuses. Fordham School of Law is recognized as one of the best graduate programs.

Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University was founded in 1886 and had a total undergraduate enrollment of more than 2,000. The tuition and fees are, in total, about USD 46,000. The university consists of three separate colleges, including the Stern College for Women, being overall a Jewish institution. The rules of the educational establishment require all freshmen to live on campus. There is additionally a campus of Yeshiva University in Israel that welcomes more tha5 600 students per year. The campus includes several hundreds of different student organizations. A suitable local shuttle system enables transportation for students and administration between campuses. There are official student newspapers at each campus.

The New School

The new school has a lot to offer as it has 45 undergraduate majors and more than 50 minors located across several schools and colleges of this educational establishment. The New School is a private institution founded in 1919. Its annual studies cost about USD 50,000. Students enroll in this institution to study design, art, illustration, photography, fashion, and other disciplines. Moreover, except for the fine art direction of learning, the New School offers environmental studies, media, psychology, and more programs.

CCNY–City College

One of the public institutions of New York was founded in 1847. The campus size is not very big compared to some other universities in New York. However, it does not make a problem for this educational establishment to be ranked among the best. The cost of studies and fees is about USD 18,000 for an out-of-state tuition program. The urban settings of campus allow students to dive into the city life, being inspired by the beautiful New York during their studies.

Pace University

This relatively new educational establishment of New York compared to other universities from this list was founded in 1906. The annual cost for tuition is about USD 46,000. There are two primary campuses in the university. These two schools offer different studying experiences and programs. New Your City campus offers to learn at Manhattan’s Financial District. The Westchester campus of the pace university is situated in Pleasantville. There are strong sports teams in this educational establishment. The law school of pace is recognized as one of the best. Among the alumni of this university are many significant personalities, including the former president of Tiffany & Co. James Quinn.

These were several of the top colleges and universities in New York. All of them offer different conditions for studying and enrollment. After reading this selection we made for you, we believe that there would be many thoughts and ideas in terms of the essential choice to make. We wish you luck in your efforts!

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