The Many Varied Types Of Slots Explained

Slots are one of the most popular types of casino games around. The high jackpots are an enticing feature and the ease of play ensures new players are able to start playing easily when compared to more difficult games such as blackjack or poker.

The many varied types of slots available also ensure they’re a good choice for players who seek variety and want multiple game play types or reel spins. You can easily pick and choose one to suit your bankrolling abilities and, as such, can upgrade to premium online casino slot features or not without it impacting your playing ability too much. If you’re a new slot player, then there are different slot features which will impact your gameplay. Here are the main slot types to know about before playing your first reel.

Progressive Jackpot

This type of slot game is fun for players who like the fact that their bets have a portion which goes towards the jackpot – which helps players feel as though they’re playing the game with a jackpot made up of all the players currently playing this slot type right now. The overall jackpot will show the total accumulated amount as it is, for online casinos. The jackpot is completely created from the various machines which are interconnected for this larger, singular jackpot. It must be said that the chances of winning such a large pot are very slim given the number of people all playing to win it.

Three Reel Slots (classic slots)

The classic or three-reel slots are the ones you’re most likely to encounter online as your first playing type. They were the most prominent ones in the early days of online casinos and have a place on the classic list for this reason. The original game mechanics are of a levered machine which would spin three slot images or glyphs for players – this type of original slot found at land-based casinos was nicknamed the one-armed bandit.

These were found on casino floors across Las Vegas and were easy to play and to win on due to the limited combinations available and multiple win ratios attached to the RNG’s. That said, it was also quite easy to lose big on this type of slot since it was such a fast-playing option. This is a good choice for absolute slot beginners due to its higher payout averages compared to other slot machine types.

Video Slot

The next type of slot machine to make an appearance is the classic five-reel slot machine, which is more commonly known nowadays as video slots. This is the most commonly found one nowadays on casino floors and at online casinos. It was the first digital option in casinos since it had no lever mechanism and players instead had to push a button to get the slots moving. There were five reels attached to it to make things more interesting with regard to combination options for slot players. This five-reel slot type is the one which is the forerunner of the current slot systems used today. The maximum coin count on this type of slot starts at one or more for a prize line. Due to the increased slot ratios, the bets last longer, and the jackpots are higher. The free spin mode is one of the defining features of this slot type and drew many new interested parties when it was first released.

Seven (and six) reel slots

The six-reel and seven-reel types of online slots were a breakthrough from the traditional reels that came before. They have the same layout types as the five-reel slot, in the sense of six by three, or seven by three, which gives players the chance to create longer matches. When this kind of larger reel option is combined with wild symbols or re-spin options, the possibilities for the outcome are intriguing enough that players want to keep going for the unique structures.

Interactive slots

This new iteration of slots is becoming a pivotal player in slots technology, and you can try them out for yourself when you claim a Lucky Creek no deposit bonus. Most of these games follow multi-pay line structures with multiple reels available, and this is part of what differentiates them from the other types of slots noted above. The i-slots are usually done in an adventure-styled format in which the different reel combinations can advance storylines or outcomes. This allows each player to have a completely unique experience as well as driving home the entertainment value.

An upcoming technology which many are enjoying is slots in the form of Virtual Reality (VR). In this, players are fully immersed in a digital casino floor that offers slots which can be played, along with enjoying the digital view of the ocean outside the windows or having a drink at the digital bar.