The New Divorce Trends in 2022 – Worth Knowing


The world is rapidly changing and adjusting to new inventions and opportunities. The same goes for relationships and divorce. People are coming together and parting with different rates and according to various trends regarding current events and the environment.

Relevant divorce trends, divorce rates, and other details on the relationship’s development will let you plan your personal life successfully, get prepared for possible changes and challenges, and make only beneficial decisions regarding your marriage.

Divorce Is Getting Older

The statistics prove that the average age of divorce is older than it used to be in the 2000s. Both men and women are now at least three years older when they decide to part their ways than the average divorcees used to be two decades ago. Yet, it has nothing to do with any positive tendency, like marriages lasting longer. Instead, people get married when they are older so they terminate their marriage later.

Another age-related tendency is divorce occurring twice more often after the age of 50. The reason is the following. Nowadays, older people are having a rapid and bright lifestyle, they are not restricted by any taboos or social norms, and they care about personal wellness and comfortable life. As a result, couples over 50 get divorced to find their happiness with new partners or other activities.

Dating Apps Contribute to Divorce Rates

The same as Oregon divorce online services make marriage termination easier and more accessible, dating apps grant divorcees hope to find new partners easier. Many people used to avoid divorce, fearing they won’t be able to find love and a suitable spouse ever again. But romance applications and websites offer an extensive dating pool and different tools to make creating relationships simpler and more effective.

Additionally, dating apps deliver new possibilities to cheat on your spouse, And the research proves that infidelity often leads to divorce. This makes dating apps contribute even more to divorce rates these days.

Women Are More Likely to Divorce

Another current divorce tendency is women initiate divorce more often than men. The stats prove that more than two-thirds of marriage terminations were appealed for by women. There is no one unique reason or current peculiar environment that triggers such a trend. Instead, there can be several causes for wives being more eager to put an end to the marriage than their husbands:

  • in most cases women suffer from spousal abuse, including intimate partner violence top frequently;
  • women being employed more than ever and with better job opportunities afford a divorce and feel freer and independent to make the best comfortable decision for their relationships;
  • the statistics also prove that women are more dissatisfied with their relationships than men, causing them to opt for divorce.

Gender-related tendencies in divorce are quite relative and are based on stats only. So, there is no reason in suspecting your wife request a divorce soon just because she is a woman.

Social Media Is Used for the Case

Earlier people used to decline the idea of divorce, especially a contested one, lacking a possibility to prove their point. These days social media is a justified source of evidence for a marriage termination case.

Considering that people tend to share every little moment of their lives online, it is credible to use their posts, messages, photos, locations, and more to gain a beneficial position in the divorce battle. On one hand, such a trend makes it possible for you to quit the marriage with advantageous outcomes. Meanwhile, it requires you to be more cautious using social media, especially when you know that your marriage is heading to its end.

Covid Triggers Heighten Divorce Rates

The covid pandemic has created new fluctuations in divorce tendencies. Being locked for a certain period, having to work remotely, and being made to change their routines drastically, a large number of couples have pushed to their limits and decided to part ways. But it is not only because of quarantine but rather due to marital issues being collected for some time and ruining the marriage after collision in a limited space and possibilities.

Contrarily, the pandemic has strengthened other families and evaporated their intentions to quit due to several reasons. Some families faced financial hurdles and decided to postpone the divorce not affording it. While other couples have improved their relationships by having more opportunities to spend qualitative time together.

Final Words

Divorce is quite different than it used to be before. Digitalization has triggered increased divorce rates with new means to finalize the marriage and create new relationships. Soon-to-be-divorcees can afford divorce easier with the range of online divorce services which are cheap and accessible, social-media-sourced evidence help to prove the standpoint in a contested divorce. Age and gender-related trends make divorce a more independent decision not regarding any norms and principles.

Overall, modern divorce trends shouldn’t dictate your choice, but only help you make the top beneficial decision and simplify its implementation.

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