The Oldest Casinos in the World

If you are a gambling aficionado, then you probably want to know more about casinos. Today, there are many casinos that you can visit all over the world. And even if you’re at home, you’ll be able to play casino games via online casino sites like, which offers lots of fun casino games. Sometimes, visiting casinos in your hometown are not enough, especially if you are looking for an ultimate gambling experience.

There are now many modern casinos that you can play at. In fact, today, when people hear the word ‘casino’, what comes into their minds is Las Vegas and the towering neon-lit buildings along the strip. But sometimes, it is still good to pay close attention to the classic casinos that are still operating today. It’s because most of them offer a kind of splendor and style which is difficult to find in any modern casinos.  Or if you prefer something more updated and quick, consider checking out Heart Bingo as another gambling alternative.

Since gambling is almost as old as humanity itself, it means that there are many casinos that have been built a long time ago. If you are curious about these, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you a list of the oldest casinos in the world.

Casino de Venecia in Italy (1638)

The Casino de Venecia was built by Mauro Codussi, an Italian architect. Before it became a casino, it started as a theatre, more known as the Theatre Saint Moses. It had one wing that was dedicated to gambling, which seemingly went on during the intervals at play performances. Did you know that this casino was one of the main reasons why casino gambling became very popular in the Venetian state capital? Yes, and by 1744, there were about 120 gambling houses in Venice.

Today, Casino de Venecia is packed with just as much cool lighting and modern décor. It also has an onsite restaurant where you can eat after playing.

Casino de Spa in Belgium (1763)

Casino de Spa

This was originally a destination for people who were seeking health-giving waters in Belgium. But in the 18th century, the town became popular for its casinos. And the concept of providing a gaming hall to entertain people at spas was copied all over the world. Xhrouet Lambers and Gerard de Leau, two city mayors, settled the building of the first Casino de Spa in 1763, with the intention to create luxurious amenities for the local aristocracy.

Until today, Casino de Spa is still a vibrant place to spend an evening with lady luck. They now have some slightly more modern offerings, like slots. They also host tournaments regularly.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden in Germany (1834)

The Kurhaus Baden-Baden in Germany

This is one of the casinos that seem fascinating and interesting by just hearing its name. A lot of people would definitely want to visit it because, aside from being a casino, it also serves as a spa and a resort, as well. This casino was designed in 1824, but only became a noteworthy casino from around 1834. This was because gambling was banned in France. Therefore, a lot of aspiring French supporters would head over the border to try their luck. Soon enough, the reputation of this casino spread, making it an international draw.

This casino is still operating today. Playing here would give you quite an experience. It features huge chandeliers and intricately painted wall murals that decorate the main gambling hall.

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco (1856)

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

The Casino de Monte Carlo, or also known as the Grand Casino, has been in operation since 1856. It is one of the most prestigious and historic casinos in the world. You can expect the rich and famous to play in this ultra-glamorous casino in awe-inspiring supercars and limousines. The creation of this casino was the idea of Princess Caroline, the wife of Prince Florestan I. The casino’s revenues were apparently for rescuing the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. In the present time, the casino is run by a publicly owned company, but the majority of the shares are held by the Monaco government and the royal family of the country.

Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas (1906)

Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas

The Golden Gate Casino is located at One Fremont Street in Las Vegas. It is the area’s oldest and smallest hotel. It was built on a land that was purchased by an early Las Vegas businessman named John F. Miller in 1905. It was first a tented structure called the Miller Hotel. It eventually became a permanent site called the Hotel Nevada in 1906. However, it was not until 1955 that the building first acquired the Golden Gate name.

Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas (1946)

Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas

This casino, which opened in 1946, was also the very first hotel to open in the famous Strip in Las Vegas. The Flamingo Casino has a 72,300-square-foot space and contains 3,626 rooms in their hotel. Its architectural design was adapted from the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne movements. It has features like a garden courtyard where their flamingos live.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas (1966)

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is one of the most popular landmarks in Las Vegas. It is a luxury hotel and casino enterprise that was set up by Jay Sarno in 1966. It offers lavish facilities, many of which are inspired by lifestyle artifacts from the Roman Empire. Aside from the modern casino facilities that you can find here, it also houses a large selection of restaurants and entertainment and sports facilities for the whole family.

These are some of the oldest casinos in the world that you can still visit today. If you are in search of a slightly different kind of casino experience that is as much about local culture and history, then you can try visiting any of the casinos we’ve mentioned above. Each of them can bring their own specific brand of suave style and atmosphere that can only be achieved through centuries of gaming and wandering.