The Rarest Squishmallows In The World


Whether you’re just starting your Squishmallow obsession or are a seasoned collector, it’s hard to resist these adorable stuffed animals. They’re super soft, they come in a wide variety of styles (from bunnies to unicorns), and they’re the perfect gift for squishy-toy lovers of all ages.

AvidPlush will guide you to some of the rarest Squishmallows in the world, so if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone, this is the place to start. Here are seven of the rarest Squishmallows:

1. Hanna the Unicorn

Hanna the Unicorn is an incredibly rare squish mallow that is very difficult to get your hands on. She has pink fur with light pink ears and horns, blue eyes with glittery eyelashes, and a purple glittery nose. Her hooves are also purple! Hanna is one of the most expensive squish mallows around because she was only produced for a limited time and she is so darn cute!

2. The Super Squishy Unicorn

This is a creature that has been sighted once in a very blue moon for several centuries now. What’s known about it is that it appears only to those who are pure of heart and have done something really good for someone else recently (but no one knows exactly who gets to see it).

It is said to be extremely friendly, very sweet-tempered, and highly intelligent-it can speak all languages from sign language to binary code! If you’d like your own Super Squishy Unicorn (and found this link through sheer luck), you can purchase one.

3. The Dolphin (The Flipper)

The Dolphin and Flipper Squishmallows were originally given away as prizes at AvidPlush events. The plushies were so popular that they sold out almost immediately after being released, so the designers started selling them through the AvidPlush website instead. The Dolphin and Flipper have since become one of the most sought after collectibles among Squish mallow fans-and these days, it’s nearly impossible to find an original Dolphin or Flipper for any price!

4. Dragon

This little guy is one of the most sought-after Squishmallows because he’s just so damn adorable! We can’t get enough of his cute little face and loveable tail. He has green eyes with a white spot on each one; red scales covering his pink body; and a bright yellow tummy that looks like it needs lots of hugs. The dragon’s wings are thick, soft, and fluffy with black tips at the end of each wingtip. His nose is shaped like an upside-down heart too!

5. Pink Unicorn

This Pink Unicorn Squish mallow is one of the rarest Squishmallows in the world. She is perfect for kids, too! She’s made of 100% polyester material and you can wash with a machine. This Squish mallow would be great as a birthday gift or stocking stuffer!

This rare unicorn that is only given to those who make purchases over $100 on our website. The Pink Unicorn is super soft and cuddly, has a white body and pink hair, and it comes with a special gift box with a ribbon.


This adorable little guy comes in four different colors (blue, pink, green and purple) and will be sure to bring smiles wherever he goes! He’s made from extra-soft velour material that feels great against your skin when held close by its removable strap handle/string handle (which can easily be removed if desired). His big wide eyes look up at you adoringly as though asking, “What are we going to do today?” And with those ears perked forward like they are, he looks.

7. Baby Yoda

You can find the perfect Baby Yoda for everyone on your list, whether you’re looking for something cute or something sweet, something soft or something squishy. The Mandalorian came out this year and took over our hearts. And it wasn’t just us: it was everyone who saw Baby Yoda’s big eyes and his tiny ears and fell in love. We were no exception. We’ve got not one but three Baby Yoda plushies, including a hard-to-find 10-inch version that’s already sold out in many places.

Final Thought

AvidPlush is a treasure trove for collectors and fans of Squish mallows looking to expand their collections. With exclusive merchandise, rare Squishmallows, discounted prices, and fast shipping anywhere in the world, they’re a top option. When you’re looking to find high-quality collectibles or give someone that special Squishmallow gift they’ve been dying for.

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