The Simplest and Easiest Tips for the Proper Care of Permed Hair


There may be many hair treatments available nowadays, and there’s no denying that hair straightening and ‘relaxing’ is all the rage with a lot of women – but there are still numerous women who love going for the permed look. Permed hair was popular during the ‘80s, but it still has a lot of fans today, particularly women who like to add volume to their thin or straight hair. But since perming involves the use of chemicals, you need to make sure that your permed hair is taken care of properly. If you have gone for a perm or are thinking of one, here are the simplest and easiest tips for the proper care of permed hair.

But first: what exactly is a perm?

It pays to understand what a perm is and how it is done, so you have a clearer idea of how to care for your hair. A perm makes use of chemicals which, when applied to hair, break down the hair bonds, allowing the bonds to be restructured. The hair can then be curled (permed) using rollers and hot rods. The new hair shape then becomes ‘permanent’ with the use of a neutralizer.

Tips for taking proper care of your permed hair

1. Don’t do other hair treatments

Before you have a perm, make sure that your hair is in tip-top shape. That being said, do not go for other hair treatments before you have your hair permed. It’s important to make sure that your hair is nourished and conditioned because unhealthy hair may not be able to withstand a perm. You should avoid going for other hair treatments after your perm as well, especially in the first two to three months afterwards.

2. Don’t forget the importance of deep conditioning

When you have a perm, your hair may become a bit dry. It definitely needs moisture, and the best way to keep your hair moisturised is to condition it regularly. In fact, it’s best to deep condition your hair twice a week if you have a perm. After several weeks, you can go easier on your hair and opt for regular conditioning or deep conditioning once a week.

3. Use the right products

The hair products you used before you had your perm may not be suitable for your permed hair once you have gone through the procedure. Permed hair is more delicate, so you should choose the right products to use on your permed hair – products that are gentler and are designed especially for permed hair. You should also go for products without any sulfates, as sulfates can drain moisture from your hair.

Hair damage

If you have had a perm and find that your hair is extremely brittle and dry, falling out, or you have some bald patches, this type of hair damage is not considered normal. It’s essential to check your hair after a perm to see if there is any damage. If there is, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek legal advice about the possibility of making hair damage claims against the salon where you underwent the procedure.

A perm can be beautiful and can give your hair body and volume – but it should be done only by professionals in the proper manner, and if your hair becomes damaged because of the treatment, you have every right to do something about it.

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