The Use of Modern Technology in Online Games


How has technology changed online gaming? From very sophisticated online casinos (you can quickly discover the top-rated online gambling sites canada) to 3D graphics in video games that are out of this world, technology has definitely impacted the gaming industry. 

Online playing is an essential part of our everyday lives. It’s tough to find someone who doesn’t spend their free time playing on their devices. Although playing can often be dismissed as unproductive, there are many benefits that they provide. Many of them teach how to prioritize, work as a team, and delegate.

Multi-level, mission-based, and open-world games are designed like complex puzzles which take some time to solve but the rewards like MTG Arena Packs you get after makes it worth to solve them. Learning how to strategize and solve the puzzle in a fast-paced environment can teach you to be a better problem solver. 

Modern games, compared to the ones that people played ten years ago, are very different. Between online platforms and cloud solutions, technology has undoubtedly changed the landscapes of various industries. But technology might be changing the gaming industry faster than most of the others. It is expected for gaming to evolve rapidly with the rise of new technologies since gaming was developed from tech innovations to start with. 

Here are a few ways that online games have evolved and changed with modern technology:

1. Virtual Reality 

Online games were usually played by a player sitting in a familiar environment and looking at the screen. Over the years, the screens have become larger, and the graphics have become clearer, more realistic, and overall better. But despite the improvements of the graphics, online gamers are still aware of their physical surroundings. This is where virtual reality changes things. 

Virtual reality is an environment generated by a computer, with objects and scenery that appear to be real, making the user feel like they are immersed in their surroundings. The gamer perceives this reality through a device called a virtual reality helmet or headset. Virtual reality allows people to feel as if they were one of the characters. Instead of sitting on your chair or couch, virtual reality makes you feel like you are the one scoring the goal, playing tennis, sitting at the poker table, or swinging the sword.

Although it may seem very futuristic, the price of home virtual reality equipment is decreasing, and home virtual reality playing is becoming more of a reality for people. Technology improvements like standalone VR headsets and wireless adapters are making the technology more accessible. As the crazy for virtual reality spreads, more and more game developers get involved, which means more things to play and get excited about. 

2. You Can Play Anywhere

To play an online game, all you need to do is have a laptop, PC, or smartphone with an internet connection. Whether you’re sitting home, drinking a cup of coffee somewhere, or waiting at the airport, you can easily play your favorite game online. Playing with others online can be a lot of fun, consider joining a gaming community like f95zone.

3. Connecting with People

Playing alone is a forgotten thing. With online playing, people team up a achieve a mission with a joint effort, or they play against each other. Long gone are the days where the stereotypical gamer was a loner with no social skills. Nowadays, people call themselves “gamers” proudly, and they have acquired many friends through online playing. With the rise of technology, it is now possible to game with many people, and there are even social events. Playing connects individuals who are like-minded, which in turn encourages the creation of communities.

4. Online Games Are Extremely Cheap

In the past, players needed to buy playing consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox to game, and then additionally purchase video games and spend even more money. Now, most of the App Store games are very cheap, and some are even free. There are many fun games with an exciting plot and good quality graphics, you can get just for a few bucks. Playing can be a very fun experience that you don’t need to spend so much money on.

5. You Don’t Need to Worry About Free Space on Your Device

Just several years ago, to play a video game, players needed to make sure that their device had enough space. They had to delete or change data on their PCs to free up some space to install their game. Nowadays, players don’t need to worry about free space at all, thanks to cloud-based technology.

6. Facial Recognition

The rapid growth we’re experiencing with facial recognition can influence online playing in two ways: through personalization and safety and security. 

When it comes to personalization, facial recognition will allow players to no longer make avatars or use fictional characters when playing online. Instead, they can play with a character that looks just like them. 

When it comes to the safety and security aspect, facial recognition is now being used in many cases, from iPhones to school, as one of the best ways to verify someone’s identity. As this technology continues developing, it can make playing much more secure; for instance, it can accurately and quickly verify the identities of people who play at online casinos and want to make deposits and withdrawals from their accounts.

7. Artificial Intelligence 

In the past, playing had a set of several outcomes and possibilities. With the improvement of artificial intelligence, now we have an unlimited number of options about what you can do in a game and how the game responds.  

8. Better Graphics

One of the more apparent perks of technology’s evolution is the improvement of graphics. Games nowadays have very highly defined and good quality graphics, and even the tiniest details in the game look realistic. The progress of graphics attracts even more people to the game because who doesn’t like to enjoy the beautiful world of an online game?  

The gaming industry is living proof that with the evolution of technology, through different ideas and in a very short period of time, anything visualized has been made a very much reality. 

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