The Value of Certiport Certifications and Overview of the Programs


The world is now moving on to a more centralized global which makes it more challenging for the professionals also. It creates increased competition and also the need for competitive technology skills for individuals to grow in their career. The major benefits when it comes to gaining new skill-sets is that the technology changes are now happening universally and here comes the importance of certifications to fill the skill gap, which is globally valid.

A report on IT Skills and Salary by Global Knowledge now confirms that the skill gaps are the major concerns when it comes to the technology sector. In a survey which covered about 14,300 IT professionals globally, about two-thirds of the top IT decision makers reported a significant skills gap in their team’s knowledge and actual technology skills needed to meet the project objectives. This increased demand to match the employer needs for workforce skills have paved way to the popularity of skill-profile certifications.

Certification to improve the academic performance of students

Many studies have also shown that the students who have certifications score a higher grade at their courses and a better GPA. A specific study conducted by Florida Career and Professional Education Department shows that a GPA of 3.09 on an average for the students who had certifications compared to the average of 2.72 for those who are not certified. An impressive count of 97.2% of students completed graduation successfully compared to the rate of 83.9% of those who haven’t.

Certification to add value to resume

Many technology giants like Adobe have asked aspiring professionals to learn the essentials to land on a successful career. Say for example, while asked what makes a digital media professionals resume stand out, most of them said that a demonstrable skill in design tools and digital media certifications from a global certification program.

The entire survey participants agreed to the value of such a certification in order to help the candidates to prove their technical skills to the prospective employers. In another survey conducted WRT to Microsoft Certified Professional, about 91% of the hiring managers commented that they consider certification as key hiring criteria.

The advantage of working IT professionals

Certiport is a known partner to many IT establishments which offer certifications on their specific products like Microsoft, Autodesk, Quickbooks, etc. So, Certiport certifications have privy to the learning materials of providers too which the certification aspirants can take advantage of. This will help the individuals to prepare for the exams and gain certifications easily successfully.

Above all, acquiring professional certifications will also authenticate a person’s abilities for problems solving and also highlight the specific professional skills. So, passing such exams can highlight your proficiency in the technology world. The world is now shrinking to one global village, and no industry is obvious today than IT, or no industry can function without the help of information technology. So, the competition for professional careers and freelance consulting in technology is so fierce globally. In such a scenario, acquiring a professional certification will always make you more competitive and considerable in the global workforce.


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