The question of how awesome I look mostly comes to my mind always and I believe we all laid the same questions on our mind. This question was solved by some guys I checked out. Are you confused? If yes, you are reading the right article. Have you ever thought of the importance of hair in your beauty? I started the journey of my handsomeness from having good hair, but the problem of hair loss prevents so many people from doing so.

Hair loss is a common problem in humans.  The right diagnosis of hair disorders is so complex and it requires well-formulated supplements and this is why I challenged you to check these guys out. Are you asking about the guys? The guys are Propidren family which are in three phases: Propidren Conditioner; Propidren Shampoo and Propidren Tablets. Propidren is a dietary supplement that is formulated specially to target and stop DHT production in humans.

The problem of hair loss is approached from different angles. Some supplements will have ingredients that can nourish the follicles and restore hair growth while others contain compounds that stop or reduce DHT which cause thinning hair. However, some supplements are focusing on working mechanisms and Propidren stands as one!

Advantage of Propidren

  • This product is more effective in stopping DHT that causes hair thinning
  • It contains ingredients such as Beta-Sitosterol; Saw Palmetto; Biotin; Fo-Ti, Green tea; Zinc; Iron, etc which are a good ingredient for any hair loss supplements
  • Propidren is safe and easy to use
  • Nourishment of the scalp is one good thing that this product does

Disadvantage of Propidren

  • Some users consider it expensive, slow in work and it doesn’t have much impact on hair regrowth.

Pondering on the disadvantages you will be wondering if Propidren works! From the formula i.e. the ingredient and users’ positive testimony, it is obvious that the product works, most especially concerning hair loss stoppage. Medically proven, the ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Fi-Ti, and others are best-known ingredients for effective treatment of hair loss and all these and more are included in Propidren. So this product is not comparable with other supplements in the market.


The good news is that Propidren is available for both oral and topical use. With the option of washing the hair, Propidren conditioner and shampoo is applicable and for the pills, 2 tablets per day with water. However, regularly taking or application of this product is essential for effective results just like other products out there. If you are wondering whether this product is safe to take or not, the answer is yes. Propidren contains a lot of natural herbs and extracts that are safe for human usage at all times. However, there are some side effects such as itchiness as stipulated by buyers and this may be as a result of allergy to some of the ingredients used by some user. Hence, it is paramount to read and understand the label.