These Places in Tbilisi You Should Must Visit


Tbilisi is one of the largest cities and also the capital of a European country Georgia. Once you visit this city you will find the perfect combination of old buildings and modern architecture. Its history depicts several invasions in the past. The power of the city is that it has successfully restored itself even after going through tough times. You can look for Emirates flight booking or can enquire about any other flights to visit Tbilisi.

The city has several attractive places where you should never miss visiting. To know more about famous places in Tbilisi, read further below

Kartlis Deda

Kartlis Deda is also known as the “Mother of Georgia.” It is a huge statue made of aluminum that stands at 20 meters in height. The sword on the one hand signifies the power and strength to combat enemies. While holding a wine cup on the other hand signifies the traditional Georgian culture of welcoming guests.

This is the iconic place not only in Tbilisi but also in the whole country. You should visit here with your friends and family for a quick tour.


Abanaotubani means bathhouses. This place is a must-visit if you arrive in Tbilisi. It has a great historical significance that portrays how people used to take a sulfur bath in those times. You will not be able to take your eyes away from the beautiful artistry of the bath houses.

The top of the baths resembles Islamic architecture that has a dome shape. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the brightly coloured baths here.

Gallery 27

Gallery 27 is the best and the most romantic place in Tbilisi. Gallery 27 is an old house that is beautifully decorated with colourful stained glasses. During the evening, this place is a must-visit, if you want some artistic and colourful photographs.

On the top of the buildings, several shops sell various handmade crafts and arts. It is also an ideal place to go on a little shopping spur in the middle of the city.

Peace Bridge

If you want to explore the modern architectural designs of Tbilisi, the Peace Bridge is the perfect example. The Peace Bridge has a spectacular design net-like structure upon the bridge. Also, the broad space with glass side walls makes it look outstanding.

Peace Bridge was opened in 2010 and is one of the major tourist attractions of the place.

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral when translated into English is “Holy Trinity Cathedral.” It is the main and tallest Orthodox Church in Georgia which is situated in Ella Hill. Not only that, but it is also among the largest historical and religious buildings in the world.

The height of the cathedral is 84 meters. It was opened for regular public visits from 2004. If you want to explore the ancient culture and heritage of the city, then you will get it here.

Mtatsminda Park

The Mtatsminda Park is situated at the highest point of 770 meters in Tbilisi. You can reach here by enjoying your ride on a Funicular. The fresh breeze and the spectacular view are amazing. There are several tourist places and restaurants where you can enjoy your leisure time with your friend’s group.

The exciting thing is that you can visit Mtatsminda Park for free. However, you can enjoy the various rides in the amusement park for a fun day.

Narikala Fort

The Narikala Fort is situated in the old district of Georgia. It is estimated that the fort was built around the 4th century when Tbilisi didn’t even exist. The Fort is the witness of several invasions by Turks, Persians, and Georgians as well. But, later an explosion in 1827 by Russians destroyed the fort.

Now, it has become a ruin with great historical significance. You can view Tbilisi city from the top of the fort which is just breathtaking. Look for cheap Tbilisi hotels deals to stay at this place for some days.

Underground Printing House

This printing house belongs to Joseph Stalin who used to spread the communist propaganda from here. It is built under a well which is around 17 meters below the ground. One of the interesting facts of this place is that it also has an emergency exit for a difficult situation.

Now, it has become an important tourist place that still preserves the belongings of Stalin carefully. It totally gives a feeling of treasure hunt just like in movies.

Jvari Monastery

The Jvari is a monastery that dates back to the sixth century. It represents the Orthodox monastery of Georgia which is located on Mtskheta. This monastery is also a renowned structure and also listed in the “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

The beautiful location of the monastery at the top of Jvari Mount is unbelievable. Its design and structure almost remained unchanged. Visiting this place will not be less than going on a mini-adventure.

Rike Park

Rike Park is one of the modern places to hang out and freshens up your mood. The huge lush green environment alongside the riverbank is so soothing. It is located near the Peace Bridge. Rike park has several pools, “dancing fountains,” a giant chessboard, and many more.

This place has several benches where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. In the evening, the park lights up which is just magnificent.

Clock Tower

The clock tower is an iconic place to visit in Tbilisi.  The structure of the clock tower is slightly leaned towards the ground. It was built by a renowned puppet master near his theatre. Its design will make you feel that you have stepped into a fairy-tale book.

When the clock completes one -hour, an angel comes out and rings the bell with a hammer. This place is just extraordinary and you must visit with your children.

Vera District

Tbilisi is one of the spectacular places to visit. The above will take you back to the history of the forts and cathedrals. You will get a chance to know the lifestyle and culture of the people through these places. There are several modern places like parks and many more that add more fun to your exploration.

The extraordinary architecture and the climate just make the experience more pleasant. If you are planning to visit these above-mentioned places should be on your checklist. If you liked this article, please share your views below.

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