Things to Consider Before Buying Your Kid His New Pair of Shoes


Shoes are more than just a colourful highlight in one’s fashion statement. It is more beneficial than most people think it is. It helps alleviate and prevent foot problems, absorbing all the pressure as we walk. It is also effective in protecting the feet against infections, diseases, viruses, bacteria, and worms, which could harm one’s body in the future. 

Given all these benefits, you might get tempted to give your little one his first set of shoes the soonest. But don’t get overwhelmed yet. You might want to consider some things before purchasing your kid his new pair, like an adidas at foot locker.

Children’s feet continue to grow until they are 18 

Your kid’s feet might seem so cute and tiny, but they won’t stay that way for so long. It won’t stop growing until your kid reaches the age of 18. But not choosing the best fit for your kid’s shoes might cause problems to his foot development and health. This could also cause corns, calluses, blisters, and even painful ingrown toenails to your baby, leading to long-term problems, especially in their posture. 

Make sure your kid’s feet size are properly measured

You might have your ruler or tape measure at home, which would make you consider measuring your kid’s feet size yourself. But know that letting a store associate do the task for you is way better than doing it on your own. With their best equipment, they will surely have a more accurate size for your child in no time.

Never purchase a shoe that is way too big for your child’s feet

It might be tempting to purchase a shoe that is too big for your child, knowing that they will only outgrow their size eventually. Most parents often do the same. But experts say, doing so would only cause more harm than good. For kids who are still struggling to walk and balance themselves, having larger shoes would make it harder for them to learn to walk alone. This could be dangerous and even result in injuries. Go for those that have an adequate width, depth, and length. 

If your child can’t move freely with the new shoes on, replace them. Allow a gap of about 2 centimetres from the shoes to your child’s feet. One centimetre is too small, while three centimetres is already too big.

Purchase a shoe you think could give your kid comfort.

There are thousands or even millions of great shoes available in the market, such as the adidas at foot locker, so choosing the best one for your kid is undoubtedly a hassle. Some have flat soles. Others have wedges. So how will you know which one to buy? 

Experts say, in choosing a shoe for your kid, it is better to go for comfort and support than looks. The shoe style might seem attractive, but if it would just give your kid pain and increase injury, it is not worth your money. Choose those that have rubber soles for better slip resistance. Shoes made from breathable materials such as mesh, canvas, and leather are also good investments.

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